Personal Challenge, or back to never taken place childhood

Annablogia Personal Fitness Challenge

Annablogia – Raw Challenge preparation

I have been hesitating for about a month and ended up signing up for Raw Challenge which I am sure I have mentioned aalready many times in my previous posts 🙂  Now I have finally found some time to outline what is that I am up to and what is happening meanwhile. Raw Challenge like many other mud races is an obstacles race which requires a fairly good fitness level and heaps of smiles 🙂 I first bumped into this idea absolutely accidentally and got very interested straight away. I could not figure out for about a week what this race is about … I hate running and I am a big control freak so the idea of over 20K running marathon through the mud and fire, ice etc etc sounded …. AMAZING 🙂 Regardless the fact that I am at my worst fitness level at the moment I decided to sign up and commit to the race! That was about 2 months ago. What is happening today … and what this race is about … ?

Raw Challenge is 8km or 26km (it is up to participants to choose the “weapon”) running race through many different obstacles. I have decided to go with 8km (it was 6km when I signed up lol). My goal to complete (!) the race, not to win it or kill myself 🙂 I want to get back to my fitness level I had a year ago which I believe will get me through the race easily, although not winning it … for now. There are MANY different mud races in Sydney and all over the world, I would imagine. I decid to do 8km of Raw Challenge as a preparation for Tough Mudder (in 2014) which I must admit I honestly find a little too tough for me at the moment. And I was right! After moving houses (which ended up being a really tough process for some reason) I was sick and did not work out for 2 months … As soon as I got better I got sick again and than other issues came up and than … Many would say I was seeking excuses not to train and most likely I would have said the same … and maybe I was! I am not sure but all I can say I am at my worst level and I am with a massive flue right now while typing this post, trying to ignore my constant pain in my neck.

Fitness is something that makes me feel alive! I love it so much I shake when I think of my gym (no the current but, I am not thrilled with my new gym but whatever it is, it is still gym :)). From today back to when I stopped training I think it would be already 4-5 months … which I think is a massive break from fitness. Although I have been working like a slave and not working out recently, I started to run. Do not forget mud race is a race means running. I have chosen to do Coogee to Bondi and back run which make up 6km all together. However I have this running app – Endomondo, which keeps telling me it is an almost 9km distance … Therefore I am not sure if I keep running 6km or 9km every Sunday but for now I finish it in 1,5 hours!  I am not sure how long racer usually spend on their runs but I assume it is much quicker than 1,5 hours 🙂  My friend is to do Tough Mudder soon and he manages to run 7km in 30 mins … I am definitely a little too slow with my prep 🙂 I have decide though that I want to take it slow before New Year due to a number of reasons (work, stress, sickness etc). My race is on the 16th of March 2013 and the 3rd of January is my very starting point 🙂 I am aware that who ever starts “new life” on Monday ends up visiting psychotherapist on Tuesday … but I have my commitment I will fulfill no matter what. Now, Raw Challenge runs couple of races … one if on the 26th of January (Australia Day) and other one 16th of March. For us here in Australia Jan is a really hot season, it is summer and we are expecting it to be up to 30 degrees if not hotter. Every race has different start time and I decided to go with 12 o’clock which I realised later was a big mistake. It is going to be scorching as! So I am thinking of changing it to about 9am and hope for at least 20 degrees cooling weather 🙂 Mud run is not just a fitness challenge! It is a lot of fun! One of the reasons I am so excited about the race is because I have never really played in the mud. My childhood was, like most of city kids have, very clean and bacteria free, I would call it, as my mother would make sure I do not get my hands too dirty. It is just they way it is in Russia (where I am from). Raw Challenge like any other mud running race is not only a challenge but also a great opportunity to meet lie minded people, soul mates and just different crowd to what I am used to. I am very hungry for meeting new people and see what they are up to in their fitness challenge and fun 🙂

Therefore I must say I have just started my mudder journey and I have big plans and hopes. I will be posting more as soon as I start more intense training and I will share my experience. I really hope my readers will join me on this trip and share their stories 🙂




Annablogia - Raw Challenge -16 March 2013

Annablogia – Raw Challenge -16 March 2013


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