In the anticipation of Magic!

I figured I won’t have time for the last trip blogging … and that is because today was my last day at work (before holidays) and I have been packing and wrapping presents most of the day 🙂 I love Christmas hassle, present buying, wrapping, preparing …

Annablogia in the anticipation of Magic!

Annablogia in the anticipation of Magic!

Although I booked most of the presents a month ago, the very last one arrived today. As soon as I picked it up from the Post office I set down to wrap and name them all 🙂 Exciting! I am personally not a religious person hence do not participate in the religious part of the holidays. Also Russian Christmas is on the 7th of January and my family is overseas … Australian Christmas and I guess many other nations is on Tuesday, the 25th of December. My boyfriend and I will be leaving Sydney to go to Oberon, NSW to spend Xmas with his extended family. His parents own a farm there! Yep actual farm! Old school style! This is the whole different story deserving its own post which I might sit down and write one day. Meanwhile, I am wrapping presents my boyfriend and I prepared 🙂 His has a massive family (especially in comparison with mine) therefore we decided to do Secret Santa and I am meant to get a pressie for one of his aunts. I could not not to get small gifts for his brothers, mom and dad and all the close relatives … therefore I did 🙂

Now I had my work Xmas party of course as well. It was my first proper work party therefore I was overly excited (as per usual).I got a sexy stripper mug and pickles from my Secret Santa there! They bloody know me well (giggling) 🙂 I absolutely love presents! I love buying them, preparing them and of course receiving them. I am prepared to give my presents away and cannot wait. We are leaving on Sunday to drive for about 4 hours to the country. The plan is to go water skiing in Bathurst because my boyfriend’s older brother got a boat … and water skies I would imagine 🙂 I have never done it before so wish me luck! Than we have Boxing Day on the same lake, carrying on merry chistmasing everyone and wait till New Year arrives. Apparently, not sure about all the families in Australia, New Year is a fairly small event for my boyfriend’s family. However it is exactly what is so BIG for me. Christmas is great for its anticipation and the feel of magic in the air but the actual day is fairly ordinary … however probably not this one 🙂 Anyway New Year plans are not planned actually. I think it is first time I leave to chance! Well, we are meant to be on the farm but my boyfriend fixes helicopters (it is the best way for me to describe his job sorry lol) which means he is always on the call and we might go to Sydney last minute. No biggie but! I am happy to go with the flow! In fact, I am very excited to go with the flow.

I have already thought of my New Year resolution… I know I know it is rather pathetic but I decided to try it again! I ordered this awesome personal planner and intending to start planning my life BETTER. First, I have to start like … or I’d say tolerate cooking! Second, training! I have signed up for Raw Challenge as you would know from my previous posts and I am dedicated to do the job GOOD:) My goal is just to last the race and to have fun! I am booking the whole weekend away and hoping couple of my friends will join me to watch and party with me (yep there is an after party fest or so). I have to go away from the idea of bodybuilding while training for the race because I do not need to be heavier but lighter. Therefore I will have to totally change my diet and the work out. As soon as I am done with the race and if I am happy enough with my results I will get back to bodybuilding and will finally reach my aim. Now, next resolution is to fix myself. It sounds dramatic and maybe childish for many but what I mean is I really want to get into NLP finally. It is my other big hobby and I believe very helpful in life. In addition I might want to fix my died relationship with a very negative friend of mine. I have not decided yet how I feel about it but I have a lot to weight in my mind. Finally, my boyfriend and I are saving for a month trip to England and Russia next winter (July – August is winter)- it is a big challenge for me as I am a shit saver. However the goal is set. What else? Oh yeah of course to remain HAPPY!

What is your New Year’s resolution list?

Merry Christmas everyone! Much love to you all!

Annablogia in anticipation of Christmas

Annablogia in anticipation of Christmas


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