Rushing into the 2013 leaving some speculations behind …

To be frank, I think any day of the year can be considered a New Year celebration day if you count 365 days from that day. However it means no magical anticipation feeling in the air, no presents, no more excuses to see friends and relatives, no over eating, etc etc etc…


Happy New 2013 Year

Annablogia Christmas Tree – Xmas 2012 Oberon NSW

My New Year plans eventuated very last moment this year 🙂 I ended up going to Dover Heights friend’s house. It was a fairly interesting event I felt like sharing. To start with, my friend’s house is a big two level building on the hill over looking the harbor which makes it perfect for NY’s fireworks. Most of the guests just like the host were Russians. I have not seen that many Russians for quite a while. I think since I represent the nation I can be slightly racist towards the whole nationality but I will try my best not to be (giggling). First I want to apologize in advance if any of my words, opinion or views offend anyone. I strongly believe my views cannot be applied to every single person. Now when I think I have outlined my political correctness I must admit most of Russians are pigs and snobs!

It might sound a little rude, straight forward and offensive but it is purely my opinion. I am Russian myself, I was born and brought up in Russia and have moved to Australia in 2008 which is obviously not enough time to forget the mother culture. Although I am in Moscow and many fellow Russians believe that Moscow citizens are massive snobs I have met some giant stuck ups when celebrating the arrival of 2013. I am no sure about the rest of Moscow of course but personally I do not even care a little bit if you wear Rolex watch, drive Mercedes and live in one of the richest suburbs in Sydney … yet many think it is something that gives privileges or status or differentiate from the rest of the world somehow. Russians, in my opinion are very hard to talk to. It is a long started pushing uneasy conversation in most of the times. I do not meant to offend anyone but out of maybe 15 or 20 Russians (OMG so many I know:)) I met, I must say 1 or maybe 2 of them made me feel welcome and warm (and one of those people was a host who grew up overseas, not in Russia). Now I do not expect everyone to be friendly, bubbly, happy and all over the place but I do want everyone to be friendly and let the guard down a little bit. I am not even going to waste time re-telling about the almost taken place fights because if you are Russian you apparently know that a fight at a party is a must (a sarcastic remark of course).

Why am I telling all that? Well, apart from totally forgetting what Russians are like and sharing the feelings, I also want to say that it made me think … Why to move to such a different country and remain a pig? What I wonder was the reason on the first place wanting to leave the comfort zone of wild Russia and move to civilized Australia? Some might think I am no different from the “pigs” in my winging … and first I thought the same but than remembered how much I hate negativism (although saying “hate” and “negativism” also appears a little hypocrite so I can use “dislike” or any other words if you like) that I literally try to go away from it if I sense any. New Year Eve made me feel like walking away couple of times and I drowned in thinking …

The thinking I was soaking in was about everything really … and now I am going to really switch the topic! I set on the balcony, over looking the entire harbor and the City. The lights were everywhere and the air was very warm and sweet. The lights were on the high rises, smaller buildings, the bridge, boats, helicopters and everywhere you look it was lit and bright. I kept drinking bourbon thinking of all the people down in the harbor getting hot and sweaty on that slightly muggy day. I was sitting in a very comfortable chair since 3pm and I cannot be bothered moving ever. So I thought. At midnight the fireworks went on and I still sat in my prime position in this very comfy chair looking at the love hearts, mushrooms and umbrellas shaped fireworks appearing in the sky. The noise was growing, the smoke was spreading and it looked like we were at war rather than celebrating New Year. I caught myself on thinking how much I have planned for this 2013 and how long and difficult 2012 was.

Xmas time on the farm 2012

I spent my Xmas on the farm with my partner’s family. Every time I go on the farm it is like being cut out of life. Nothing at all matters! Nothing exists any more! It is a painful quietness and calmness around that swallows you entirely.  Looooove it!!! This Xmas (as any xmas would be) we visited many relatives I have not met before. While travelling from one home to another I got to think about my relatives. I have never liked family events and still don’t really. I found my partner’s family trip more educative rather than actual family quality time … And when I say it I mean that while I am meeting very different to me people the most I care about is what I feel. Do not get me wrong, I am totally nice and friendly and actually enjoyed meeting everyone a lot but I would not choose to do it more often than once a year (giggling). And so I started to think how such holiday would be celebrated where I was born. Arguments, drinking, upset people and eventual hugs are the main events I recalled. Good, bad, fun, weird, wrong … I do not care really, however definitely interesting. When I was sitting non that high balcony waiting for the fireworks to go off one of my resolutions I decided would be is not to be Russian as much as I can and to remain loving, caring and friendly even when it is really hard to be one.

Now enough of sad writing! As you know from my previous posts I have taken a fitness challenge on my shoulders and I have 3 months for the training to be completed and me be ready to at least complete the challenge.

Raw Challenge 2013 - Annablogia in Barrington Tops

Raw Challenge 2013 – Annablogia in Barrington Tops

I have been madly hocked up on bodybuilding and still absolutely fascinated and constantly admire strong physic and the pain, discipline and life people go through to get to their goals. Now however I need to go away from the dream of becoming a bodybuilder one day … I would say to put it on hold and consider some very different training! Raw Challenge provides some prep training and PTs are all over the place but I am having my new plan in placed tomorrow (!) and will work on my endurance, muscle development and of course mental state very hard for the last 3 months. It is a great challenge for me at this stage because I have to start it all over again, also start doing something very new for me and at the same time have fun 🙂 I will try my best to regularly write on my training! It will be so much fun I can see it already! Meanwhile, I finally got my personal planner which I am hoping to use all the time to track my training, eating, working, writing and seeing friends! I have several smaller goals and couple of bigger ones I am dedicated to make true  in 2013. I am very firm and positive about each of them!

I have much, much more I want to write about right now but I am going to pace myself because I need to put my thoughts together before releasing them. See you very soon! 🙂

I wish everyone to make their dreams come true if they have not yet 🙂


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