Fitness Challenge Prep

Annablogia New Year Plan


Starting up a new life style is always a bit of a challenge. Change is often stressful and undesirable but believe me you will love yourself and the world around you if you do accept the change. I have taken the xmas decorations down and got my new running shoes and ready to rock! The end of the last week (after recovering the New Year night) I have started my training. I must say I have started it very easy! I went to the gym to do the upper body and next day I was conquering the nearby park’s hills. First of all I was SO madly sore for 2 days I could not function at all (although went swimming and it helped heaps). Secondly it has been so hot in Sydney that running up and down the hills in the middle plus 35C Wednesday was a bit overestimating myself. I managed to only jog 2.6 km plus about 5 minutes of skipping robe … The weekend arrived and I let myself go and went out. I must add that some time about half a year ago or so alcohol stopped doing to me what all the kids chase – getting me drunk. I get tipsy after couple of favorite bourbons and the next one literally puts me asleep or makes feel sick. I am party glad, party sad… Let me explain it all a little bit 🙂 I have always been a party person loving to go here and there, making a fool out of myself. However I had periods in my life when I would stop doing it and get seriously into fitness for a year or so. Shortly after I am usually back to the party circle. Every time I start fitness lifestyle I hope I could stay there for good. Never really happened so! I have nothing against a good dance and couple of drinks, don’t get me wrong BUT  knowing what “bad” habits do to MY body I kinda feel disabled or better say disadvantaged with booze rather than without it. Now though alcohol does not even give a fun buzz anymore. All I taste is tones of sugar (believe or not I actually taste it and feel it yuck), headache and really tiring 2 or 3 days after a party.

Life changes. It changes depending on your age, on people around you, on work, study, feelings … A change is often frustrating, scary, unpleasant and we experience the whole collection of different feelings when change occurs. I find the best remedy for the “harmful” feelings of the change are priority  clear goals, determination, discipline … What do I mean by it? For example, a fitness challenge or moving countries or changing attitude … Stay focused on what you are doing no matter what the rest of the world thinks.

Annablogia Fitness Challenge Prep

Now I have decided to engage in my gym routine twice a week in order to strengthen upper body and lower body muscles and the rest (3 days) of the week I am planning to devote to running, skipping … and the rest of circuit training. Also would really like to involve swimming once a week. Weekends are left out for the random fitness fun 🙂 For example, I am going to Doyalson on Saturday to try the Raw Challenge race track out! I have never done obstacle race before therefore very excited to drive and actually see the track and even try it out. I reckon that my own preparation might be not enough therefore really want to buy couple of sessions of boot camps. The problem with the camps, you can’t buy one or two sessions, you gotta buy out half a year plan or some sort of other plan. Frustrating! However it will help me dramatically so I guess I will be getting involved with one of those camps very soon. Meanwhile I am getting back to work tomorrow … which means the life is back to the hectic pace and I need to sort my routine out!

It is Russian Xmas tonight (starting on the 6th and finishing on the 7th) – MERRY CHRISTMAS comrades! 🙂

Annablogia likes Obstacle Racers Australia P.S. Just LOVE this picture 🙂


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