I will keep smiling when you try to negative me

Annablogia says DO NOT STOP LAUGHING

I decided that I need to get it out of my systems – I do not get along very well with negative people. I do not use the word “hate” (I guess I appear negative now lol) but this is what I often feel when say “negative people”  (giggling) or see them coming my way.

I agree times are harder sometimes but I also believe that we choose what to feel. I had better times and worse times, times when it is harder to stay positive and times when I don’t even need to think about because I keep smiling like a retard. No matter how bad the situation is, sit down, relax and force yourself to smile – I promise you will feel it eventually 🙂

I have decided to blog about it because I started to notice negative people more often. They used to piss me off but now they make me sad … I feel sorry for them thinking they are missing out on a log of fun of a SMILE! One of my friends once wrote a post where she was talking about negative feelings she, as she claims, has never experienced. She also mentioned walking away from couple of constantly winging friends. Negative people drain! For some people it is too hard to stay happy and they need to suck life out of everyone on their way.

When I just arrived to Sydney I was overwhelmed with everything around me feeling way too high which as it often a case had to go down. I was very depressed for about ha;f a year. I did not want to smile and saw everything in blue (I dislike blue the colour lol). And you know what I did. I stopped being depressed! 🙂 I got so tired of myself that I stopped being sad and miserable and started to smile and DO stuff.

Some people are not sad or depressed but just love everything negative. I know couple of those and try to stay away from getting into any interaction with them. When I had to though I just smile – it stops me from punching them sometimes. Oh, haven’t you noticed that negativism often goes with ignorance and violence?  Negative people always makes you feel heavy, uncomfortable and as if you are sitting on spears and if you move you get poked harder (giggling).

I really want people to be a bit happier! happy people accumulate more happiness and attract more people. Negative people scare me most of time. Happy people make me want to stick around for longer 🙂 Apart from being annoyed or scared of unhappy, sad and negative people I have noticed that they get unhappy with pretty much everything: crying kids on the other side of the street, coffee not hot enough, juice not sugary enough, people are smiling too much etc etc etc It is a very difficult job to make those people happy! And that is why I choose not to anymore! I try my best nowadays to stay away from unreasonably sad or negative people in order to keep my mental state in a well condition because as I mentioned before negative people drain. When I am feeling like the happiest person in the world some pissed of with the weather girl / guy can make my very happy moment miserable as.

I am not entirely sure why people become negative. I reckon it is a lot to do with their upbringing, place of birth and the society they were brought up in. Some people absorb misery more than others, some have thicker skin, others more sensitive.  Personally I am a very sensitive person therefore I cherish my happiness and get upset when others are trying their best to turn me into the dark side. Luckily I know some NLP and other techniques of staying happy surrounded by feelings vulchers 🙂 It is a really interesting topic and I will getting back to outlines some of those! It is a topic for another day though…



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