Secret of any success: condition & visual

When you want to succeed  It’s all about condition and visual… Let me explain what I mean.

Russian revolution 1917

In 1917 when Russian peasants and middle class people broke into the tzar’s castle , it was not because they were wealthy, happy enjoying all the facilities and necessities of life. They broke into the Romanov family’s home and killed the whole family because people were starving, cold and unhappy; and nothing was changing to better conditions.

It might sounds a little sad and cruel but for many people hitting the bottom is the only way out. Motivated and dedicated people succeed! Only! The rest enjoy whatever they achieve (and they also succeed in a way) or hate the motivated and dedicated crowd. Motivated and dedicated people love what they do and do it naturally, getting closer to their goal step by step. However often even highly motivated people have darker days when they are lower in energy and motivation levels. Note: I literally mean worse days, not months or years. This is where visual steps in…

Visual as a part of success

Watching Top Model, Fitness magazines or fancy cooking shows have not made anyone happy and you know it! MacDonalds, Subway, a new pizza opening in the area made pretty much everyone feel hungry and you know that! Now, why do you still allow businesses to manipulate your mind! Wire your own! I have not seen any ads explaining that cheeseburger is bad for you , running is good (gym ads are also business traps) or saying that sausages will eventually stuff your stomach and liver up but walking every day will prolong your life, that Asian/Indian/ Thai and the rest of eating out comfort / social food will eventually make you really fat (and most importantly unhealthy and low in mood) but staying away from it and playing soccer, tennis or dancing with the same friends is no worse of a social event but in fact actually better.

Make your own visual, make your own advertising of what you think is goo for you!

Often people will say your weird, your snob, your wrong… Because their minds are still wired to follow current “modern” addictive trends and yours free , healthy , rich and smoking hot!

It might sound like it is easier to say than to do and it is often a case. However without having a very clear image of your goal, there is no goal, really. How do you know what to do if you do not know where to go? Whether it is getting fit, making millions or improving relationships imagine exactly what you want and you will instantly feel the flow of energy, you will suddenly feel very feeling to go and do something.

For many it is difficult as much as it is easy for many others. Some people have an approximate image of what they think they would like to do or to be. It is already something… but not good enough. However if you already have something it is raw but it can be worked on. One of the good techniques I was lucky to shared with is to carefully watch yourself (and maybe even write down) and notice what exactly you do every day analyzing what makes you happy and what makes you unhappy. Be careful, do not confuse your sadness because someone as you think offended you but think of what YOU did to avoid it, what YOU feel to ignore it and what YOU are. The discovery will be exciting, might be hurtful but always helpful.

Make a wish board! Place your wishes and desires on the board and look at them everyday. Do not abuse yourself if you are not there in a week or month or even a year. Sometimes it takes longer than that, depends on your goal and the tools your using. And remember there are worse days and there are better days but keep your visual clear, as close to you as possible.

Although I mentioned earlier that in worse conditions something beautiful is born (eventually), you do not always need to wait to hit the bottom. Try to be happy for having whatever you have. Often other people might try and abuse you for the fact that you have a better life therefore it is easier for you to do this and that. Again, stick to your visual, not other people’s visual.  Their goal could be to rotten your dream therefore do not loose your dream out of your sight.


Annablogia says STAY FOCUSED

I recommend to watch this TED talk about the image and female self-abuse … Very curious 🙂

Cameron Russell: Looks aren’t everything. Believe me, I’m a model.


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