Are you working on your better being?

I like inspirational stories! The inspire! DAH! Welcome another inspirational girl – Tamara Taylor a fun, smile, finally happy girl who is running through the mud for fun (!). I met this full of life creature on the way to Raw Challenge prep course. I decided that driving alone is slightly scary and awfully boring; and she was looking for a driver (what a couch surfer lol). So there we go – Tamara and I on the road, talking all the way to the camp and back, getting lost, getting a speed fine and meeting more interesting people… What a trip (giggling)! Tamara shared her life story revealing different sides of her life, beautiful and not so much. I shared some events form my life. It was easy, positive and energising! No matter how bad or bright Tamara’s past was, one thing is definite now – she is happy and has established a firmer road to the her finally firm goals and dreams! Go Tamara!

Overcoming obstacles on road to fitness

Tamara Taylor – Overcoming obstacles on road to fitness

There are so many people complaining about unhappiness of their being, never moving forward. I believe those people enjoy the pain of misery and suck energy from the ugliness of unhappiness. It might takes years sometimes but who ever really want to be happy he / she eventually becomes. The only condition is desire! I know some skinny and smoking hot girls crying again and again about being too fat. I know some wealthy people being unhappy with them being poor and not willing to spend money on a gym but having no time to train outdoor. I met some funny looking or thinking people who were the happiest creatures on Earth.

Personally I can hardy stand constant wingers. I myself have been in the darkness of depression and I believe that almost everyone go through the life sucker. However to make it your life style or temporarily so speaking bad days is entirely up to you. Tamara worked it out at some stage and decided that depression is not her life style 🙂 Therefore I decided to devote my post to this crazy red-headed girl who is on the course tomorrow (Saturday), on Australia Day! YAY! Have fun chicka! 🙂

Are you working on your better being?


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