Muscle That Turns Into Fat NOT

There are several conversations / ideas which caught my attention over several years and recently. To start with, saying “bodybuilding” in front of most people is not very safe if you are particularly passionate about fitness and sensitive about other people’s comments. [However if you are lucky not to care about the rest of the world, disregard the first paragraph]. Many people still think [for some unknown to me reasons] that building a body of your dream means becoming ribbed grown on steroids men and women. I reckon that image is composed by the excess of TV shows most people are absorbed by. However I would like to surprise all the bodybuilding haters and the rest of the world [Note: I am not converting anyone – less bodybuilding lovers less people in the gym more machines and free weights for me lol] that bodybuilding means building a body … the body you want whether it is skinny bikini type or a sporty fit kind.

Annablogia about bodybuilding

I would like to talk about bodybuilding especially the female part of it a little more in detail in my future post. Today I want to talk about fat tissue and muscle tissue and how they do NOT convert one into another.

When I was about 10 years old I first heard a “bodybuilding” term and I got told straight away that it is bad and that if you stop working out muscles turn into fat. At the time it sounded convincing enough. And scary enough to never even walk close by the local gyms. I was 10!

The other day one of my work colleges ensured the rest of the office that the myth I was fed when I was 10 is in fact true. His main evidence was his own round stomach [no fitness degree or a century of experience or any other similar expertise]. He patted his belly telling us that he used to work out and now you can see his fat belly which is the result of muscle into fat conversion.

Annablogia about fat and muscle tissues

Interestingly there are people put there [with the Internet access and libraries in the areas] believing that muscle and fat are somehow inter exchangeable.  The main evidence for most of the fitness haters [and others] is that everyone who stop exercise put weight back on. DAH! Let me explain that skeletal muscles get larger when a person exercises primarily from hypertrophy; in other words, the person isn’t gaining more muscle cells (which would be hyperplasia), rather, the ones they have are just getting bigger, with more filaments and the like being developed within the cells to accommodate the more challenging demand on them.

In other words, muscle tissue grow when used! When not used it shrinks. Fat burns when muscle grows and therefore fat grows when we stop burning it; in addition making our muscle tissues shrink! So, after a person quits exercising, the muscle cells aren’t going away and somehow managing to morph into fat cells; they are simply shrinking and fat as a result of lack of activities grows.

If you stopped exercising and suddenly scales are showing some unusual growth, it is probably the result of eating more and moving less. Now here is an image clearly showing that fat and muscle is NOT the same tissue hence does not inter exchange. It is simply impossible. Human bodies do not do that 🙂 “Body composition” [image] shows the presence of both muscle and fat [around muscles]. Additionally, the stomach is getting bigger [size wise] when you start consuming larger portions. It shrinks though if you eat less. Bodybuilding does not make you ribbed, buff, scary looking and does not shrink gentiles…

Fat vs Muscle

Body composition

Body composition

Focus on fat loss and muscle gain

Fat and muscle composition

All this fat and muscle conversation makes me want to go back to bodybuilding. Building your body involves developing muscles by literally using them. How big you want your muscle to be is utterly up to you but to have a slimmer body humans need to burn fat not get rid of muscles.

Remember though muscle tissues weight more due to the thicker density therefore weight loosers often find building muscles useless. However check the mirror out – you look fitter, slimmer and stronger with less percentage of fat and more muscle. Whether you want to look like Hulk or like a Victoria Secret model is up to you only. But you should know that both Hulk and skinny photo models include weight training [every day] in order to burn fat and look slimmer.

Of course starving for long enough will also burn extra fat in your body but as soon as you are back to eating fat [after most likely suffering from the lack of vital vitamins or depression] it will refill your arms, legs, belly and buttock with freshly gained fat. It is nature!

Lifting weights means even when you skip healthy eating, your body still burns fat when you do not work out. Of course not forever! You have to always exercise to maintain the magic. Weights lifting speeds us metabolism – the thing that burns your calories while your watching a movie on the couch eating pop corn 🙂 There is no magic pill – your body is a magical tool. Use it! 🙂

To sum up, fat does not turn into muscle and muscle does not turn into fat. If you still don’t believe me – Google it 🙂

Meanwhile, to give you a better idea of what fat is watch the movie below – it might totally gross you out so letting you know it is not a pleasant family watch time, it is a great educational tool for anyone needing a little motivational kick 🙂 Enjoy!


11 thoughts on “Muscle That Turns Into Fat NOT

    • Thanks for the comment and writing compliment:) As for bodybuilding it has been slightly annoying me for couple of years now because the answer to the Q “what you like doing” ends with “writing, running…. Ehh stuff you know” lol saying bodybuilding makes people go “eh” or “ewwu” lol I guess it’s time to care less :-))

    • And your girlfriend :-)) common couples! My partner doesn’t like any kind of fitness though, he’s a farmer originally and they find exercising a waste of crucial energy 🙂 very interesting!!

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