How a woman can become a spartan

Sparta, or Lacedaemon, was a prominent city-state in ancient Greece, situated on the banks of the Eurotas River in Laconia, in south-eastern Peloponnese. A Spartan originally was a person from the Greek city Sparta or the ancient Greek city-state of the same name. In the latter context, the term “Spartan” in its most technical sense refers to a member of the Spartiate caste and under some usages also encompasses the class of mothakes, residents of Sparta who were free but did not enjoy full political rights.The city produced best of the Greek hoplite warriors, the premier fighting force of their time – Spartans. Interestingly, in Sparta girls were as welcomed to this world as boys (however in Athene for example having a newborn girl was considered a misfortune). And here what is happening many many centuries away – nowadays!

Annablogia - getting ready for Spartan WOD

I am Russian and live in Australia so nothing Greek in me, really (giggling) and I am not even running the Spartan race but I woke up at 4am today to make my way to Centennial park in the darkness of the early morning. What for? To sweat my ass off for 4 hours! LOL

Spartan Race has orginised a Workout of the Day for everyone racing … not only Spartan racers. It was a charity based entry for everyone interested in some mad work out. Now, curious detail – the obstacle race recruited Commando whom I personally had no idea about before someone pointed out that he is an “animal” (aka fitness freak) and was one of the trainers in the TV show The Bigger Loser which I have never watched due to the lack of interest (I, to be frank do not watch almost any show especially about fat people being tortured in front of cameras). So, I got told that the “animal” Commando (Steve), one of the trainers for the Day, used to be a part of some special services (Special Forces as a Counter Terrorism Team Commander, to be precise) and after having some sort of injury he was no longer a part of it (not sure how true it is though). However obviously physical challenge has become his life.

I am sorry for being bold now but this guy although was slightly handsome (a lot looking like my ex, from the back though), he was totally useless, at least for the time being while I was burpeeing or squatting or whatever other sweating my ass off stuff I was doing. He walked around looking really tough, yelling out some bullshit I did not really listen to. There were maybe about 20 personal trainers and most of them were working out while the rest were walking around with their hands crossed on the chest. Tough … not! Maybe it was the whole idea I do not know but the reason why I tried PT services (about 4 years ago) and never got back to it is because they are (most of the time) are massive DH (dickheads) and nothing else really. I must admit though some were really nice and I am very grateful that they were there to direct… not push. Hate being pushed. As soon as someone is pushing me – I stop, like a stubborn mule. It is just the way I am 🙂

I apologise for getting off the track and appearing a little too sensitive. There definitely were some fun and lovely trainers (nice to meet you, Matt in real:)), I would say a few but the rest are a little over the top, for me. However I get it, I get it. It is Spartan race so tough as eggs! (giggling).

Anywho, I woke up at 4 am today to leave home at 4:40 am, pick my girlfriend up and head to Centennial Park to participate in an almost suicidal Spartan W.O.D. (which apparently stands for the work out of the day). Now let me explain what I am on about here 🙂 Spartan Race (Australia) is another type of obstacle racing which I have talked about earlier in my blog. I am sure each single race has its own perks, its own obstacles and weird bits (e.g. Tough Mudder has electroshock obstacle aka electroshock therapy).

Spartan (Race) WOD, Centennial Park, Sydney, Feb 10th

Spartan (Race) WOD, Centennial Park, Sydney, Feb 10th

So 5:30 am my mate and I are in Centennial Park alone, in a complete darkness, cruising around in the car trying to find any people at all. Well, apparently (Anna situation) we were at the wrong end of the street. 6am finally on site! About 500 people starting to turn up on the course. The Sun is about to rise. I am of course very nervous. I am personally not very good at being trained in the group. And as I mentioned earlier I hate being pushed. I get really angry and want to punch the usher 🙂 However during the WOD today I got angry only once and smashed the robes of the ground to get it out of my system.

Now, I was impressed how many people participate in such events. By such event I mean getting up at 3 – 4 am, driving to the park and than running, jumping, push-uping, squatting, etc, etc, etc for 4 (!) hours! Although there were very many very fit people, many (and even men) were giving up certain exercises. However everyone completed with more or less injuries 🙂

My mate I arrived to the site with left to run her race – The Colour Run! Crazy girl! She trained for about 2 hours with us and went on racing for 5km! That’s the spirit (great job, Tamara!).

On the Day I got to do a lot of things I have never done including carrying someone on my back. This someone was 60kg which is 15kg less than what I am. When I got a 72kg lady I realised how bloody heavy I am myself! I could never lift myself in my entire life. Apart from carrying people on my back, I also had to crawl, lo lunch walk, to jump and to do many other thing the names of which I do not know.

Annablogia - Spartan WOD

The whole event as I said lasted 4 hours and was divided (if my math is correct) into I think 8 parts. There were over 500 people therefore the crowd had to be divided into smaller groups of 100 or 80 or 110. Each group would start in its own end of the park and complete its own set of exercise. We started from an individual race where I had to carry people on my back 🙂 It was a warm up, I must say! Next bunch of work outs was carrying 20kg (18kg for girls if you are lucky to find it in the pile) sacks for about half an hour which involved running (more like jogging of course for most of people), squatting, lifting bags and more running. It felt a little more intense but was not the end of the world. The third step was robes! I saw those in the gym but have never tried before. Now, imagine robes to tie the ships up… Well, similar thickness. Now the exercise involves making waves with those robes while they are heavy enough to remain on the ground on the other end. This is when your arms and shoulders starting to yell. While you are wiping the robes, your partner does squats or push ups at the back. Partner change every 10 seconds. So we went for another half an hour or so. To be honest I was done by that stage! There were couple of fitness games along the way as well, some carrying and crawling again. Two last stages before the very last killed me! Those two involved A LOT (I mean like really a lot) of burpees and sprinting. My legs are very grateful now but I had literally zero energy. By the time we did I think 100 burpees the Sun was really hot and I was melting. However it was the Walls time and than the last round of tortures. Well I must admit after the training in Doyalson I am really bad with walls. The bruising and pain I had last time attempting two walls left me being absolutely petrified of climbing a wall so I climbed one little one and crawled under the rest ones. Here burpeees come again! This is where I realised I was cooked and I stepped out of the circle.

I do not regret I gave up at the very end… I was very close to vomiting so I guess for my first time of such insane training it was good:) Also I had a lot of fun, met some awesome people, saw some funny characters and, although typing this post hurts my shoulders and I REALLY want to crawl in bed and never wake up again, I am also smiling … and if another one was on tomorrow, I am telling you I would have been there! 🙂

Annablogia - Spartan WOD course is completed

P.S. I will publish more images as soon Spartan Race uploads them 🙂



15 thoughts on “How a woman can become a spartan

  1. Yikes! And I was proud of just doing 20 minutes on the elliptical. Well, I’ll keep at it, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and maybe get to a tenth of where you’re at. 😀 Keep up the hard work!

    • Thank you very much, it is sweet to hear that but I am not THAT good 🙂 Running is in fact was the easiest part of the WOD! Maybe you need to join us to get a bit more of a harder work out for your “Rome constructions” :))

      • What is this obstacle race of which you speak? It sounds… exciting!! :mrgreen: (I think I must have missed an earlier blog post)

        Aha, found it. Forgive my ignorance.

        *cough cough* I don’t want to start too quickly and burn out. I’ve done that too many times. That being said I feel much more motivated these days from reading about people like yourself. So if I can succeed in less than a year, fantastic. Although I do want more aggressive short term goals. Hmm….

    • Green Embers, it is really sweet of you, man to call me Australian and tough 🙂 thank you! Where are you based? I think Tough Mudder or Dash Warrior (not sure) is also American event… Anywho, I am sure obstacle racing is all over the world 🙂 I am glad you accepted a challenge! Challenge is always fun! Good luck man and keep the world posted!!!

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