Most common mistakes in the gym

Annablogia - mistakes in the gym


Annablogia - most common gym mistakes

I have been trying to work out why a weights work out (giggling) makes me (and many people apparently) tired… and another curious topic was born along the way! 🙂 Therefore I decided to share it! I often get teased (if I can use this word really, applying to adults saying something like “anna goes to the gym, anna goes to the gym”) for going to the gym. Than one day somebody comes up to me asking to show muscles or arm wrestle them and many more stupid things. Now, I am not going to go into the whole lecturing how body definition happens and why I do not look like Arnold yet (giggling) and probably never will. As soon people see me keep working out but not looking like a senior bodybuilder they always say “but you train so much… when you’ll be massive” etc.

I see the progress when it comes to my body and well being BUT there are people struggling to see their progress or appreciate one. So I decided to outline most common mistakes people make in the gym and as a result do not see the outcome.

Annablogia - gym mistake number one

Mistake number 1: not appreciating little changes often results in giving training up. Hey, you are twice stronger than anyone who does not train – that is already something. If you need a body definition … well than you must eat clean, have a training plan etc etc which you would already know if you are serious about your plans. I am not going to go into it much as it is a topic for another day 🙂 The bottom line, appreciate what you do! Cherish and love what you do! As soon as you stop expecting results, they strike you unexpectedly.

Annablogia - gym mistake number two

Mistake number 2: killing yourself on a treadmill before lifting is not a good idea. Lifting weights requires a lot of energy. Stressing your muscle is not an easy work and sweating your ass off on the treadmill will make you tired. Do not forget you are loosing calories (hence energy) when running and you need (!) this energy to lift. Some especially enthusiastic gym junkies add carbs in their re-workout protein supplements in order to gain more energy for the work out. The heavier you go the more energy (hence calories) you need to handle it.

Annablogia - gym mistakes number three Mistake number 3: similar to cat walking, weight training posture is crucial. Although you are not going to be jobless because you cannot walk sexy you might move in to the hospital for a while if you are standing wrongly when approaching heavy metal. Be very careful with your back especially when bending over to lift. Not just exercising but simply picking up weights might end up dramatically. Remember you always need to support your weak points and take a good care of your back. When using cardiovascular equipment, stand tall. On treadmills, keep the incline and speed adjusted so you can walk without having to hold on to the machine. Avoid leaning back while hanging on with your hands.

Annablogia - gym mistake number 4 Mistake number 4: especially when starting out, people often get very enthusiastic with fitness and as a result get worn off too quickly. With fitness you want to last! Some people (and I must be pointing at myself right now) just train too much, too often or too hard leaving themselves with little energy. This is how I get incredibly tired through the week and especially on the weekends (I am more moderate now than ever though). This is when counting calories comes in handy. If you know how much calories you consumed you know how many calories you can burn remaining energised. Even if your math is approximate.

Annablogia - gym mistake number 5 Mistake number 5: the lack of a warm up before your training and cooling down after often cause injuries. Not warmed up muscles are shrunk and not ready to be used. Spend as little as 5 minutes to get ready for the training for the sake of your own well being. Cooling down is as important. It involves stretching and rest to maintain flexibility and catching your breath calming your heart down. As you know with lifting weights muscle become stronger and harder; and your body can become stiffer. Cooling down is exactly what you need to avoid it.

Annablogia - gym mistake number 6 Mistake number 6: water is the most critical nutrient for health, growth, development and is the medium in which all energy reactions take place.You need to drink a lot of water for health, stamina, fuel, and building muscle. Lack of water causes tiredness and headaches. No good session possible with not enough hydration before, during and after your work out. Remember if you feel thirst you are dehydrating already.

Annablogia - gym mistake number 7

Mistake number 7: not sticking to the plan and skipping training means the results are most likely to be delayed or never arrive. Small progress is also progress so pull your patience together. However if you have a deadline or dedicated to achieve some super results, stick to your gym plan or obtain one if you don’t have it yet. Success comes to passionate and dedicated, stubborn I would say people. Having a clear goal is half work done. However do not forget to upgrade it from time to time. Muscles get used to repetitive work. Surprise them with something new!

Annablogia - gym mistake number 8

Mistake number 8: do not forget to have fun! Many people start training being very enthusiastic but lose the interest very soon, perceiving gym as a burden and hard work rather than a fun and curious process. I always say GET INTO IT. If you are not into something you do not do well this something. Make it your hobby! Lifestyle! Have fun! Whether it is gym fashion, learning new exercise, helping others or having fun group classes do not forget to have fun. Find your own way to enjoy your work out. If you still struggle with it maybe you need to re-think what are you training for.

Annablogia - gym mistake number 9

Mistake number 9: many ladies are scared of gym machines and think they are for bulk scary guys or germs breeding plantations. If you are not ready to get sweaty and dirty than maybe couching is your gym 🙂 However if you made it to the gym already and tried most of the machines and weights, do not be scared to try more! I am sure there are some corners in your gym you have not been to yet. There is probably new equipment or couple of odd looking machines. Go and try it. It is most likely written on it how to use it. And if you are still puzzled how to use it, set it up for the lowest weight and keep trying it in different way. I am sure you will work it out AND have heaps of fun.

Annablogia - gym mistake number 10 To be fully honest I can carry on for ages! However everyone is different and although there are a lot of typical situations, many people experience different troubles and make different mistakes based on their knowledge and experience. What has been your biggest gym mistake? SHARE it so I can add it to the most common mistakes in the gym in order to maybe help someone who is about to enter a new and exciting world of fitness.


5 thoughts on “Most common mistakes in the gym

  1. Thanks for this! Great stuff. 1,4,7 and 8 I think are my biggest. You seemed to have covered the list pretty well but if I can think of more… nope, wait, I got one. Don’t forget to rest! Overworking is just as bad as underworking and we need to remember out bodies need to heal.

    Also have you run across this blog?

    Well good stuff, keep up the hard work! :mrgreen:

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