Dieting tips: basics

Annablogia: frustrated with your diet?

Annablogia: frustrated with your diet?

DO NOT DIET! Make it your lifestyle! When I was a teen and as all teens do thought I was way too fat and have to stop eating. Of course I didn’t stop eating but would tell everyone that I cannot stand potato, pasta and bread. Every time my mother would ask what did I want her to cook or when I was out with friends, I would say “oh pasta…? hmm I don’t eat pasta sorry, can I have this salad” (I also was vegetarian at the time). So this was my way of programming my brain and learning it to believe that I hated certain carbohydrates. It really worked! I must say I AM  still using it and it is still working most of the times. However I say most of the times because I do not really use it that often as I can just say “no thank you” 🙂

PORTION your meals. I know it sounds weird and I repeated it so many times but portion your meals and take time eating it. You will be surprised HOW little food you need, in fact. Eating less will shrink your stomach which means you will only require very small portions. Shrunk stomach means flatter belly 🙂

BOOZE is evil. And this is me, who loves partying, is saying it because the biggest part of me failing reason is drinking. Although I have one or two drinks here and there and try to avoid massive celebrations, this is enough to spoil any training plan. Sad but true! Want better body composition and definition? Do not consume alcohol.

THINK before you eat! Another fairly annoying process which I personally do not like is planning and thinking of what and when you going to eat. Personally I see food as fuel and hate spending time carefully choosing it, cooking it and portioning it which I know sounds very contradicting 🙂 I do not like cooking or food shopping but I am aware of the fact that weight lose or body building has two main blocks: exercising and DIETing which is 50% of your success. It is not only avoiding bad foods but also making sure you are receiving useful nutrition, supplements and vitamins.

To be continued…

Bone Appetite!

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2 thoughts on “Dieting tips: basics

  1. Agreed on “diet” as a bad word, they work but as soon as you stop your body will just go back to what it was before.

    I think the point should be made that the amount of calories a person should consume to either gain muscle or lose weight differs greatly and depends on various factors. If you don’t know how many calories you’re burning both at rest and during a workout then it’s hard to stick to a regime. Having said that I do agree with planning meals and keeping track. That way if after a couple of weeks there is no change then making a diet change is easy, as you can see what you’ve been eating.

    Diet is at least 70%, sadly 😦

  2. Danabolic, thank you for the comment. I totally agree with you! 🙂 And although I am definitely NOT a good example of healthy clean and correct eating & exercising, I totally enjoy learning about it and trying it out 🙂 Weird hey! Same with cooking… I totally hate it but love learning about different foods and what’s behind the scene 🙂 Do not confuse with recipes … here is something I cannot stand 🙂 (does not mean I do not do it though). 70% is really scary man but I guess you are right! A lot in genetics I must add… simply because I have seen some people naturally burning (without even working out) SO many calories I am not sure how come they are still alive AND with slight definition (however have never lifted anything heavier than a pen). For all the rest of the world training training training and eating well if you want to feel and look gorgeous 😀 And you know what, luv de challenge! 😛

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