Start ups are welcome :)

Annablogia - starting a Tribe

Annablogia joins TribeSports. Hurry up to participate 🙂

Have never gone to the gym? Never ran further than chasing a bus till its gone? Never lifted anything heavier than a spoon or never jumped higher … well ,never jumped at all? Physical activity is something which is not required from us for living… well, not directly. We do not need to run for a week to see our family members and friends  or fight people from other tribes or chase dinner.

Nowadays when physical activities not only not required but also considered odd, I want to ensure everyone that it is still as crucial for living as it was during ice age. Well, maybe not AS essential but really important.

For everyone wondering why and wishing to argue with me (providing reasonable point) please feel free to join my Tribe. For everyone who is interested to learn more but a little scared and not sure how to approach this weird looking animal called “fitness”, feel free to leave your say in my Tribe.

I really want to encourage people not to run 10k every day or try and lift their cars but to get interested, get curious and stay connected. I am myself often lacking connection &  interest hence I decided to join already running and lifting or starting out people. I got this app I decided to join. Now I have created my own Tribe which I really want to use as a helpful tool. Anyone who wants to get into fitness but not sure about where to start, please talk to me!!! 🙂 Hey have you seen Annablogia’s facebook page? Follow whatever social media is comfortable for you 🙂

Annablogia is always more than happy to welcome everyone who just starting to be slightly curious about how our amazing bodies work.


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