Emotions that destroy us

Annablogia - negative emotions

Did you know that negative emotions have even been linked to premature death? As I have mentioned earlier in my last post beating ourselves up with negative emotions can absolutely get us of the track… not just training but living.

Negative emotions can affect and even destroy our lives causing: 

  • Excessive tiredness
  • Stomach problems
  • Significant weight loss or weight gain
  • Back and neck problems
  • Insomnia
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Breathing problems
  • Change in appetite
  • Hampered immunity
  • And much much much much much more …

Apparently certain emotions can affect certain organ more than others. For example after excessive crying, personally I would get breathing issues and stomach pains; however getting scared or stressed just causes tiredness. Although these are just feelings, negative emotions don’t just make us feel like crap but also literally make organs work worse. The truth is that particular emotions have been known to ‘target’ select bodily systems.

For example, impatience and hate (yep both negative emotions) can affect your intestinal causing chest pain, palpitations and hypertension. Thus being impatient and live with constant hate might affect heart being, causing all sort of difficulties in future. Hatred absolutely disarms us, making even every day tasks difficult. When we are angry all we can think of is the source of our feeling, often causing distraction to everyone around and ourselves. Violence often gives birth from hatred and stupid decisions are made because of impatience.

Annablogia - how negative emotions affect our well being

Impatience & Hate

Depression and melancholy ruining your skin and lungs causing constipation, low blood oxygen count, and breathing difficulties. Depression often destroy lives! Many people often lose a lot of weight or gain heaps when depressed, also getting addicted to drugs or other substances. Melancholy I must say is often a first sign of depression. Look out for a sneaky sadness and listen to your own mind.

Annablogia - how negative emotions affect our well being

Depression & Melancholy

Interestingly, envy, frustration, and anger have an awful effect on our eyes, gall bladder, and liver. As a result of constantly being angry with everyone and everything causes hampered detoxification due to stagnant blood in the liver, excess cholesterol, and poor digestion due to imbalanced bile production. What an unpleasant collection, isn’t it!

Annablogia - how negative emotions affect our well being

Envy, Frustration & Anger

Fear affects the urinary bladder, kidneys, and ears, and the most common symptoms are poor sexual stamina, disorders of the nervous system, excess acid production in the body, and abdominal knots. Personally I am often frozen for minutes when scared, not being able to move any part of my body, followed by crashing crying or chest pain. There are different fears though and if I have climbed a very tall building I am likely to be close to fainting; whereas if I think there is murder behind the tree in the dark park I would most likely get my fists ready, freeze and listen very carefully to every single noise in the darkness.



Mistrust, anxiety, and worry can lead to poor digestion and difficulty with regard to waste elimination. These emotions usually have a negative effect on stomach, spleen, and pancreatic health. Worrying is awful! I cannot eat, sleep and think straight whatsoever when worrying. My digestion gets absolutely ruined and I can barely eat when feeling anxiety. M skin goes dull and under eyes dark cycles get darker and deeper. I must say mistrust and worry is worst of of for me, probably because this is one of the emotions in particular I used to live with for years. Being free from it I think is very similar to the happiness of being free from an actual jail. Do not get in the trap of Worry!

Annablogia - negative emotions affect our well being

Mistrust, Anxiety & Worry

Emotions is not just a pretty word! In fact, how we think and feel affects how we live eventually. Emotions affect our communications skills. Often feeling angry or depressed affect our decision making which can influence our life choices dramatically. Dealing with negative emotions is crucial for our survival. One of the main treatments is to talk the emotions out. When we keep anger or shame or sadness inside us for long enough the feeling build ups eventually bursting into a disaster. People lose their live while feeling anger or melancholy. Saying what you feel right now is one step towards the recovery! Analyzing why we feel whatever emotion is bothering us is the next step and often a difficult one without a professional help. I also find it helpful to write my emotions down even if it is just a little piece of paper which you can throw away after your done. Get the emotions out but do it wisely without causing harm.

It is dramatically hard to deal with emotions in the moment of feeling them. My advice is to force yourself to STOP, go away from the source of the cause and try to call for the rationality. If it becomes too difficult seek help! There is nothing shameful in it. We are not perfect and each of us sometimes feel one of several of negative emotions. I myself the other bursted into tears for no reason but feeling down for an extended period of time. Let it out and move on with your life!

Positive thinking is another way to treat your negative feelings and turn them into something happy. However positive thinking is not something single time used. You need to exercise it. Positive thinking like a muscle in our bodies needs to be trained. Call it positive-thinking-building if you want 🙂 I am absolutely persuaded that we choose what to feel: bad or good but I agree that sometimes one emotion prevails over another one. It is not always sunny but the Sun won’t shine without us making it to shine! Find your own way of treating sadness, depression or anger whether it is meditation, forcing yourself to smile or playing board games. Whatever makes your Sun shine! Do not stop shining! 🙂

  Annablogia - do not stop shining


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