My own ups and downs

Some days are better than others. Some days are easier than others. Some days it is sunny, some days it is raining. The secret is to go back to what you were doing before the bad day if today is your bad day.

Annablogia - discipline

I have been following many different male and female fitness enthusiasts for years and most of them claim to eat clean and be devoted to the fitness routine 100%, literally 24 / 7! Although I am absolutely admired by such dedication and aware of where it is coming from I do not believe it 100%. Sometimes we are sick or tired or … whatever really. And 100% becomes 90% or even 50%… Here I am having a massive migraine on Friday which literally ruined the whole weekend.  Feeling like 10% totally hating feeling so weak and sick… I want to say again that the secret of coming back to feeling 100% is not to punish yourself for being weak but to take care of yourself and get back to the routine as soon as feeling better.

Now I might sound like a hypocrite here because while I am recommending this and that I do not always do it myself. Although I am not going to punish myself for it I must say I am not 100% happy with how I feel! No one is perfect 🙂 But guess what I am going to do now? Yep chill and rest and be happy with it .. even if I have to force myself to smile!

Although I have just mentioned that we must love ourselves not punish, I decided to punish myself on Saturday. While feeling awfully weak still suffering from a headache I still decided to go for a bush walk. The walk ended up being a climb and running away from leeches and coming storm… Heaps of fun but no good for my migraine on the day. Therefore the entire Saturday evening and the whole day on Sunday I spent in bed… Now not only the silly commitment to the bush walk (I was not capable off, really) was not my greatest idea but mentally beating myself up while spending entire weekend in bed was punishment NO one deserves.

Annablogia - Blue Mountains bush walk, Blaxland, NSW

Annablogia – Blue Mountains bush walk, Blaxland, NSW

I enjoyed the hike at the end of the day because this is what I enjoy so much!

Why am I talking about it all? The one of the greatest challenges for most people, I reckon is to love themselves.  Although I have started this post slightly controversially as it might seem by including an image about discipline but also giving everyone an excuse stating that some days are better than others and there is nothing we can do about it really…, let me explain what I mean 🙂 I do see the contradicting part  of the intro; however it is there on purpose. I really want to highlight that if you are feeling bad for whatever reason take a day off and enjoy it as well. However if you start making excises up by saying you feel bad or even making yourself being unwell, this is when I say “you cannot achieve any goals without discipline”.

I am due to run my race in less than a month… and recently have been training less than I was a month ago. Naturally, I would be a little upset that I am not in shape for my first ever race… However trust me, the more upset you are the less training you will get done! And this is why I decided to write this post today …


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