Do You Often Hit HIIT? I Say You Definitely Should!

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16 thoughts on “Do You Often Hit HIIT? I Say You Definitely Should!

      • I do it at least 4 days a week….lately I’ve been 5-6 days. It is painful when you are new to it, but it gets better…still challenging, but better…still painful but better lol.

        Give it a try. Maybe do 1 or 2 a week until you start to feel comfortable and then add days. They are only 20-30 mins tops. And the seconds of rest in between really help. 🙂

      • Thank you for the comment:) I’m not new to it. I have been doing it for the last 2 years I think. However now I’m exhausted after an hour of weights training so HIIT just doesn’t fit in at the moment 🙂 I used to combine it with cardio on cardio days.

      • After your weights, down a protein shake or some BCAAs and wait 10 mins, then HIIT it! Its not easy trust me. I am so exhausted and on the floor after my weights. but the 10 mins helps. then its just a matter of “u gotta push through it”…u can do it!

      • In fact I must ask. I do take BCAA after the training. Shall I take it before training too? I also mix it with glutamate and protein of course which is a big drink. Not sure how can you HIIT with a full belly:)

      • I would take the BCAAs before and then the protein shake (usually has a little BCAA and glutamine in it) after. Save the glutamine for right before bed. It will help your body recover faster while you sleep.

        I found it allows each to be effective versus cancelling out each other. BCAA and Glutamine do similar things so separating them gives ur body a sustained recovery.

      • Lipo6 is some strong stuff..drink your water. Also, if you are cutting alot of calories, supplying with 0.5 g-1 g of creatine after your workouts will help lessen the muscle loss. And keeping as much muscle as possible will help burn the fat. Many think its for bulking, but thats if you are taking larger doses 5g+. In smaller doses it helps alot.

      • Thank you. Yes I am aware of the power of Lipo and keep hydrated. As for creatine it actually bulked me very quickly and A LOT hence I stopped and binned it…Never got back to it and to be honest a little scared. It also taste SO awful it is not funny lol

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