Why Do We Supplement?

Now, after about a year I am back to supplements. I found it important to talk about it because I tried to live and train without them for some time and I failed. I cannot lift weights without supplementation [for extended period of time]. The main reason is because I get TOO sore and TOO tired. Before I moved to the suburb where I am now I used to go to a different gym which had a lovely organic shop and milk shake maker shop underneath. Loved the place! One of the guys who works there once told me that he stopped taking ANY supps ages ago, training clean and ironically, organic 🙂 I was very impressed because he was very buff and very sweet. Anyway I tried to be “clean” and “organic” myself. I am not even going to say that I got zero results [because I did not train hard enough] but OMG I was so exhausted and absolutely useless that would just get ill and stay in bed most of the time.

Now, I want to note though that fitness drugs just like vitamins or medication are very individual – different for everyone. So far everyone I talked to include BCAA, glitamine, creatine and protein in their fitness routine [when lifting weights]. Only few people [I know of] prefer harder drugs and fewer do not take any at all [apart from Red Bull maybe]. I have been offered harder drugs and I have honestly considered them; however I do not think I would try any of them any time soon. Health is foremost no matter what!

Annablogia - my supps

Talking about health, people can argue whether this and that is good or bad but you make your own decision. So I did. I excluded creatine because … wait for it … it in fact bulked me. I know it sounds a little odd but I looked fitter and stronger but also much bigger and rounder. I understand that if I shred better I could have lost the water excess plus the burnt fat would reveal the gained definition. But I stopped taking creatine instead and toned up without it.

I included Lipo 6 Hers though which I tried earlier couple of years ago. It is a VERY strong drug and I totally freaked out first time but you do get used to it and calm down. The getting used to part is also worrying as you do get addicted to it and … whatever goes up must come down as we know. Therefore this strong thermo fat burner gives A LOT of energy but the natural drop is inevitable, I am sorry.

By the way while I am on the topic, I got my supps from GNC as always which costed me 200AUD for [on the picture] three items 😦 But if you are in Australia, use Vitamin King. I am NOT advertising anyone or anything but it is SO much cheaper there, have a look! I do not know how good their service is but their prices look really good 🙂 My next supps shopping is definitely there and fitness accessories is my next pop-in as well.

Now I want to say why do I believe in supplements. First of all SUPPLEMENTS – something that completes or enhances something else when added to it. Here is my very first reason why. No supplements do the job for you but they s-u-p-p-l-e-m-e-n-t if you are already working very hard and need extra help here and there. I know that everyone who is writing about fitness says just the same but it is TRUE. You do not need to get supps if you are not planning on working hard. I KNOW for sure supps work whether for real or as placebo I do not know but I saw the results in my mirror. And this is why I stick with supplementation. I do believe though in changing supps, trying new ones, experimenting a little. And yes if you are asking if I am worried if Lipo will affect my brain or if protein will build up in excess or if colorful sport drinks are bad for liver, yes of course I am but i know how to avoid the potential harm and so do you – moderation! it is the key of any success. Listen to yourself. You know when you need a break or a change. Also, knowledge – read about stuff, ask others, share your experience and you will be sweet 🙂

I must say I have not had BCAA and glutamine before. I used to take protein, creatine and Lipo which I gave up very quickly couple of years ago. This time Lipo went down smooth. Although I am starting out with 2 pills a day [instead of 6 recommended] I am feeling much stronger and more powerful. It is amazing! However if you are taking some fat burners or energy pre-workout enhancers and only feel worse, just stop it and try something else. Before getting back to the supplementation I tried energy drinks, oranges, bananas, carbs, aggressive music… Nah! First week goes ok but then I am down the sloppy hill and falling alseep on the way to the gym. Lipo it is 🙂

As for muscle development, I agree that creatine is great and a universal drug I would totally recommend if you want to bulk up [which you want anyway, before shredding]. However I prefer to take it easy! I will spend a little more time bulking up but without it and not as drastic. It also tastes absolutely awful, in my opinion 😦

Vitamins is another very important block in your body building 🙂 I have tried many brands – general and sport orientated. I must say the multi-vitamins for pregnant and breast feeding women are the best! It might sound odd but this is what I am sticking with 🙂 These little vanilla tasting pills do magic I must say.

So why do we supplement? We supplement to accommodate our fitness craving! Sometimes I am so tired I cannot do anything and want to cry but my body keeps begging me to go to the gym. This is when I want an extra kick 🙂 Do you?


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