Obstacles Quick Guide, or My Best Guesses

As you probably know I have taken a racing challenge aboard mainly due to the fact that I absolutely hate running [giggling] and love challenge. While I am physically and emotionally soaked in weights training obsessions I am aware of the healthy power of running which is a good heart pump and shredding fat tool (when, just like anything applied with brain in hand). So I decided to participate in a running race; not just any race but obstacle overcoming race. I find running a straight line a little boring, to be frank. I have signed up for the Barrington Tops Race ages ago but must admit have not done much of the preparation. I am this kind of person who is easily knocked off any life routine if something pops up such as a very sad event or a big change in the mood etc. I often give everything I do up and wait till I feel like I must go back to the happy & fit routine. So this I gotta go back enlightenment has hit me again couple of weeks ago so not much preparation has been done I believe. BUT I am not absolutely useless, I am ready to race because first of all it is FUN, it is a new experience and a chance to meet even more people.

Nothing gets you ready better than knowing what to expect. Therefore I would like to look into the Barrington Tops course map and obstacles to have an idea of what it is about to happen in two weeks.

Now, I have never done obstacle running before therefore went to Doyalson area where Raw Challenge once orginised a race prep session. It was an eye opener for someone like me who has never even seen obstacles that close 🙂 On the March 16th we are talking about 8km or obstacles and mud with thousands of people overcoming their fears and having fun! When I say obstacle I mean 30 of them! Therefore I decided that it might be a great idea to go through them and learn about them and maybe find out how to overcome them before the day comes. I do not know many of them therefore will be researching it together with you 🙂 Here is the map and the list of obstacles for the Barrington Tops Raw Challenge race:

Raw Challenge Barrington Tops Race Course March 16th

Raw Challenge Barrington Tops Race Course March 16th

1. FISHERMAN’S CATCH is the first one on the way of thousands of people racing. Honestly, I have no idea what the heck this is 🙂 I tried my best to research around and I have NO clue therefore I will let you know after the race!

Annablogia: obstacles

2. ROBE BRIDGE is fun fun fun and easy! However if you struggle with balance, this obstacle might become the challenging one. But just wait, this is only a warm up 🙂 How to get ready for it? Well, I am sure you have a playground next door in your area… Go and climb stuff there, it will help heaps.

Annablogia: robe bridge obstacle

3. CHARLOTTE’S WEB is even MORE fun! I am sure you can do it even if you see it first time in your life. However if you are up for a web training, again the playground will be perfect 🙂

Annablogia: Charlotte's web

4. CABLE REELS is all about “OMG I do not want to fall on my face” and then go and do it 🙂 This is how I felt when I first saw the reels. Massive slippery reels you need to jump on and roll over on the other side without getting too much mud in your mouth. However what fun is it without mud on your face?! Just do it!

Anablogia: cable reels

5. MUD CRAWL is a mud crawl… enough said! Just crawl through this mud and do not look back 🙂 Let’s be honest, this is what it is all about. How to train? Well as soon as it is raining do not wrap yourself at home with a cup of hot choc but rush outside and roll in mud.

Annablogia: mud crawl

6. GET OVER IT is what almost made me cry [during Doyalson prep course]! I am VERY scared of heights. If you also get shakes when climb tall trees or buildings then this obstacle is for you. In our everyday life we do not always climb trees or high nets so it is a bit of a challenge, mentally especially. Best practice ever is repetition, just like with anything. Personally I went to the same playground I mentioned earlier, found couple of nets there and climbed the shit out of them. I must say I am still absolutely petrified of heights. Good luck to me!

Anablogia: get over it

7. BELL RING is what I am a little worried about simply because I have never had to climb a robe in my entire life …. but always wanted. And here is my chance and most likely I will just get my face muddy and that’s it. I do not know how to learn this climbing skill as I could not find a robe anywhere in my gym or elsewhere… I hope I will learn as I go 🙂

Annablogia: bell ring

8. TYRE POWER WALL does not sound too scary but I have not tried this treat yet. Look out for getting your legs and arms stuck here and there – it is tyres at the end of the day 🙂

Annablogia: tyrepower wall

9. WORM CRAWL is a crawl… and I am highly scared of close spaces. Yep I hate being stuck or locked in a small space. I panic and my blood boils. Breath in and breath out – is my advice! Breath in and breath out!

Annablogia: worm crawl

10. SLIP AND SLIDE must be really fun and although I have never tried it I think I will have heaps of fun. I am taking this obstacle as a racing treat, not a challenge… But I will get back to you with the results 🙂

Annablogia: slip and slide

11. HUNDLERS … hmmmm not sure what this is going to be like. I will let you know when try it out on the day 🙂

12. THE CANONS is, I think are these scary small space tubes but I might be mistaken. If it is, this is when I decided that completing the race in shorts might cost be knees so I got Skins to avoid scratches and bruises (which are inevitable but at least can be reduced if legs are covered). Climbing a muddy tube sounds like heap of fun:)

Annablogia: the canons


15. LIFT YOUR LEG is another obstacle I would love to know about at least something. Nah nothing, have no clue.

16. ROBE CLIMB. Enough said 🙂

17. MYSTERY OBSTACLE. Hmm enough said:)

Annablogia: Mystery obtacle

for example,

Annablogia: mystery obstacle Tough Mudder

18. TAKE THE PLUNGE sounds like something to do with swimming; however I know there is no water really… only mud. You do the math! 🙂

Annablogia: take the plunge

19. ROBE WRANGLER … I guess it is always fun to not fully know what to expect 🙂

20. TIMBER WALL is my ultimate fear obstacle! This obstacle bloody hurts and you can get prepared to it by finding a wall and climb it again and again. Go higher and higher as there are several walls on the day and one is scarier than other. I had my legs massively bruised after my first ever wall trial 🙂 I really want to perfect my wall climbing one day! And by the way grab the gloves if you cherish your palms at all 🙂

Annablogia: timber wall

21. ROBE TRAPEZ sounds like circus is in town! Let’s just hope there are no clown, I do not like them 🙂 As for the rest, well I never played Lara Croft so I am sure it will be fun without any preparation.

Annabloiga: robe trapez

22. BALANCE BEAM is something I have never completed but tried multiple times. I just fall into the mud pretty much as soon as I am on the beam. Balance is not something I am proud of.

Annablogia: balance beam

23. GETTING TYRED involves tyres… and this is all I know at this stage 🙂 Will definitely keep you posted as soon as gain more knowledge.

24. TYRE POWER is heaps of tyres on the muddy ground which you just need to quickly run through, if I am not mistaken. Do not get stuck and watch your feet especially if they are as big as mine are 🙂

Annablogia: tyre power

25. THE TRENCHES come in many many different variations: they can be just dirt trenches and uncovered or covered and with watermelon peel along the crawl way. Trenches always come with a little bit of surprise 🙂 Just enjoy!

Annablogia: The trenches

26. TIGHT SQUEEZE does sound slightly sexy but I am sure it is nothing to do with it 🙂 It is all I have for now!

27. THE GREAT WALLS are tall and scary walls you gotta climb. Similarly to the timber walls, the great walls are meant to be over-climbed overcoming fear of heights and falling over literally facing the mud and breaking some bones 🙂 I am sure we all will be fine!

28. MYSTERY OBSTACLE so the racers do not fall asleep on the way to the finish line:)

29. WOLF BRIDGE sounds promising but I really hope it does not involve any real wolves 🙂

30. CARVE THE CURVE, I am sure involves mud 😀 I am not sure what else to expect though!


Annablogia: muddy face


3 thoughts on “Obstacles Quick Guide, or My Best Guesses

  1. I hope you did well! i just finished one similar to that in Singapore and it was tons of fun and mud! What I thought would be the hardest obstacles were easiest and what I thought would be the easiest were hardest! But worth every second!

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