Stay Healthy Together

I am currently madly busy with life, you know, including the race preparation, work, up coming studies and possible visa issues… Life is a vast ocean – never stops messing around with creatures depending on its waters. Well, I guess all I can do now is to embrace it! I have several projects / articles I want to share with you but just physically do not have a single minute to invest in it.

Meanwhile, I want to talk about food… AGAIN 🙂 I am sure you know how this dark chocolate piece sitting on the kitchen bench does not look as attractive as when somebody else is about to sneak it away. I am personally not into sweets, my weaknesses are sour, spicy and marinated foods. However I have noticed that sometimes I might crave some ice-cream or piece of choc as soon as my colleague, a friend or a boyfriend gets their Mars bar (or whatever) out and greedily consumes it in minutes. Most of the times I feel nothing but there are days when I am weaker or tired or sad and just want to knock  this colleague, friend my boyfriend out and steal the bar 🙂 Of course I am aggregating a little to explain my point better.

Now, bad habits whether it is eating unhealthy, smoking, drinking or wagging school are contagious… they say! And you know what? I agree!!! What about you? To be continued…

Source: via Food Revolution on Pinterest


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