Legs’ Betrayal

I do not like running! Running is boring, painful and annoying! But I run! I find it useful, healthy and … sometimes it is fun, in a masochistic way, I must say. My legs are betraying me and I am determined to find out why he heck they decided to treat me that way.

I have been running for several years now [quitting and starting again] and it has only been couple of weeks since calves and shins’ pain has been following me wherever I run to.

The pain has been so bad that even a fast enough walking would eventuate in complete stopping. They say STRETCH! OMG you cannot imagine HOW much pain stretching causes 😦 It has been such a disaster for me … especially now when I am training for mud runs.

Annablogia: calves pain

They say during exercise when all muscles expand they can  enclose in a tight sheath which  cannot expand [for I don’t know what reasons].

They say I have shin splits which is basically tearing and thickening of the muscles as they join the shin bone. What the heck is it and where did I catch it? On other hand if I had shin splits I would not be able to walk without saying “ouch” every meter. Walking is fine and even jogging for a kilometer is painful but possible; however if I push harder I cry.

I figured I have something else. It is less shins but mostly calves that are felt very tight and in a lot of pain. I figured if massage should fix the problem.

Either someone’s hand are useless or there is something else troubling me but little Thai fingers have not fixed the issue so far.

If it IS shin splits, they say, I gotta do the following:

1. stop running,

2. lose weight

3. do feet exercise

4. stretch &

5. massage.

OMG is there any real treatment? Call me skeptic or cynic but none of the above fixes my pain.

They say running shoes are also crucial when it comes to betraying you legs. I have just purchased a very expensive pair of runners and really hope it is not them that are causing the painful “pleasure”.

Therefore I am on the hunt for some solutions. The calf is made of three major muscles: the two gastrocnemius muscles (medial and lateral), and the soleus muscle. Another smaller muscle, called the plantaris muscle, is also in the calf.

Apparently, there are several reasons why calves make my life a nightmare:

1. Sport injury. It does not necessarily needs to be a broken bone – a micro muscle damage can be it.

2. Plantaris Muscle Rupture. Sounds fancy! Apparently, this is a thin, small musclewhich runs along the gastrocnemius muscle. They say this muscle has little or no function and might cause shooting pain. My pain does not seem to shot but rather appear to be very hard and settled. Move on.

3. Achilles Tendonitis/Rupture. Another rather fancy wording. I think Achailles probably suffered from this 🙂 Basically this is Achilles tendon ruptur ewhich causes pain in the heel. Well, unless my heel hurts that much I feel it in my calf, it is not my case either.

4. Baker’s Cyst. Interestingly, this is basically a collection of knee joint fluid that has pooled in the back of the knee. How is that related to calves region? Well, excessive amounts of fluid can cause pain in the back of the leg. Funny or sadly sometimes it happens in calves. Might be my case…

5. Blood Clots. A fairly self-explanatory situation – blood clots in our veins can block circulation causing swelling and pain. Typical after injuries and surgical procedures case therefore I really hope it is not me. Next!

6. Cramps. Due to the no regularity of such event, cramps are definitely out.

Seems like my self-diagnose takes me nowhere 😦 My madly swelled and etching calves will need to be taken to the doctors if I do not figure the problem out soon enough. Interestingly, no matter which one of the mentioned above problems you choose, the treatment is the same and sounds like my mother’s remedy rather than actual treatment. Stretching out of the window, hot bath apparently needs to be replaced by a beg of ice and the last resources are physical therapy and anti-inflammatory medication. I guess I gotta try it all!


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