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Annablogia: Giveaway from Slim Kicker


Yes yes yes The GiveAway is HERE! No, I am not giving my Russian hat away or my pink, half destroyed gym gloves 🙂 Ozeri Touch Professional Digital Kitchen Scale in Black is what I am giving away!!! Check it out!!! I myself got a lovely black scale for my food and loving it! Personally, I believe that knowing what you eat and how much is essential (if you give a shit about the whole concept of course). Loosing weight or gaining muscle, diet is important, it is literally 50% of your win!

Annablogia: giveaway scales black

Here SlimKicker comes and offers food scales for FREE!!! 

Annablogia: omg

Annablogia: give away

BUT… yes but, nothing GOOD comes in easy! And it is good because otherwise no GOOD will be left for anyone. If you are already with me on TribeSport you have done some challenges and probably designed some of your own.

SlimKicker is looking for MORE challenges, for NEW challenges, for challenges WE all want! So how does it all work??? 

Suggest YOUR challenge and WIN the elegant black food scales! EASY PEASY! Remember if you don’t do I WILL 🙂 Please leave comment with you challenge suggestion. What you think fitness / health challenge is a great challenge? For example, “doing 20 push-ups a day for 1 week”, or “squatting during commercials”, or “cooking healthy meals for a month”, or “drink 2 litres of water for two weeks”. What is YOUR challenge! Maybe you are already following one? SHARE!

You can also find recipes and cooking ideas for many diets like Medifast and Nutrisystem.

Annablogia: giveaway from SlimKicker



12 thoughts on “Slim Giveaway

  1. My challenge idea would be to do one juice or fruit/vegetable smoothie 5 times a week for a month. Either as a meal replacement or a snack. A super easy one is a banana, apple, pear, and green (kale, collard, spinach) with some greek yogurt and a few ice cubes in a blender. Makes 2 big delicious smooths. SO good and a shot of energy that beats coffee any day!

  2. Ah, this won’t seem like a challenge to anyone else buuuuut I’ve had digestive problems for 4+ years and just recently had my gallbladder removed. I had completely eliminated any fat from my diet, and now my challenge is to add it back. It’s both a physical and a psychological thing — I experience pancreatitis when I overdo my fat intake, and I’m kinda scared to change from my fat-free diet because of the pain that eating fat caused.

    So! My challenge – increase healthy fat intake! Woo hoo!

  3. I’d love a scale like that! I like the idea above about healthy fat intake.

    My idea would be to take more mini-breaks at work. Stretch every hour, walk around, just do something because sitting all day is bad for your back and health!

  4. Oh, I soooooo need this! My challenge is to eat smaller portion sizes ….. we often take too much of a serving, and think, is that last couple of extras bites as good as the first? That, and water water water! I am going to stick with it for 30 days, and they say if you dosomething that long it becomes a habit.

  5. Stay motivated while losing weight. Take a picture of yourself when you were happiest with your weight and hang it on the refrigerator. Imagine yourself looking and feeling that way again! You will be more likely to keep the refrigerator door closed!

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