Giveaway Winner & New Awesome News

The SlimKicker Giveaway is over now! Exciting!!! SlimKicker team has chosen The Winner! Here it comes: 

Vicky Z April 2, 2013 at 12:38 am posted:

My idea would be to take more mini-breaks at work. Stretch every hour, walk around, just do something because sitting all day is bad for your back and health!
Giveaway Winner and New Awesome News

I must say I LOVED all the ideas you guys posted! Thank you for your participation. Your challenges ideas were astonishing and most of them are going on my to-do board right now 🙂 There are some very good ideas, some useful reminders and breathtaking stories. Thank you all very much.

Well, I really liked how you guys reacted and took part in the last giveaway contest, sharing your ideas. I decided that we cannot just stop now. 

Here it comes – a Giveaway from ME 🙂 And I am not giving it away easy [giggling]. As you know I am a writer and absolutely love writing, reading, researching and learning something new, often getting carried away, spending hours seeking new curious info. This time I want you to do this research for me! Let me explain!

There are millions of bloggers out there browsing oceans of the Internet info, posting their feelings, sharing their stories and ideas. Many of us are also introverts and often find online stroll much more fun than extroverts do. We [as writers] love sharing our work with other like minded writers, exchanging ideas, learning from each other and improving our skills every day and every minute.

I want us, like minded bloggers to spend more time together whether online or offline. This is why I am giving away something personal to someone who writes a blog post for me. The best blog post 🙂 Topic? As you probably noticed I mostly write about fitness & diet hence I will be expecting similar topics’ writings coming through. The best story will be published, promoted (together with a link to your blog) and I will give away …. wait for it …. wait for it …

Giveaway Winner and New Awesome News personal give away

No no not myself [giggling] but pink, tight and very soft “L” size singlet!

I am giving away a space in my blog for your post and one of my new gym singlets. I have never wore it (apart from the moment where I took a picture of me wearing it for the giveaway) so don’t worry, no germs or anything 🙂

I was cleaning  my house today and bumped into all my gym shirts and singlets, noticing that I have never even tried on half of them. Some of them will eventually make their way on my body; however some of them were a result of compulsive shopping 🙂 It does not mean I don’t like the singlet or something is wrong with it but I am not going to wear it. Therefore I decided to give it away instead of throwing away or trying to find a girlfriend who would adopt the lonely singlet.

Annablogia: my giveaway

I have a very similar one in black and I think I got the pink one because I was either greedy or silly. Most likely, both 🙂 Anyway, now I am giving it away for a cool fitness or diet post, about 500- 700 words with 1 link to your blog. Please e-mail your story, leaving a comment under the giveaway post that you e-mailed me your work: THANK YOU

Now, whether it is your exercise plan with eating tips or a research about something [related to fitness or diet, or both] or your challenge’s story I am here to listen! Send it NOW! 

I would prefer Australian writers only due to the postage situation BUT I welcome any country and don’t mind to pay a little more to post your prize to you if I like your story! GO GO GO The Giveaway starts now and will last couple of weeks only 🙂

Annablogia: my personal giveaway

Stay Fit & Healthy! Make it FUN!


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