Burning Fat Inside Out

Surprisingly even slim people can be fat … from inside which is in fact dangerous and life threatening. Let me explain what I mean. The fat we carry around our waists, legs and bums is so known subcutaneous fat. It is the fat underneath our skin. This is what makes us gain larger size, makes girls boobs and bums bigger and rounds thighs and arms.

However there is also a type of fat hidden inside us, so known visceral fat. This fat stores around internal organs (visceral fat), in bone marrow (yellow bone marrow) and in breast tissue. This kind of fat threatens health, leads to abdominal obesity and might cause diabetes. Not so pretty, isn’t it.

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In order to burn this dangerous fat hidden in between our organs we need to do similar to what we do to burn the fat on outside, or under our skin.

“If your body isn’t moving, it doesn’t metabolise the fat that’s building up – either outside or inside…,” and “If you’re eating foods high in saturated fat, such as butter, cheese, cakes and biscuits, it’s nearly all stored as visceral fat” an exercise physiologist, explains.

However there are other causes of the inner fat to occur such as  the menopause. Oestrogen levels drops which appears to encourage visceral fat to be laid down.

Additionally, drinkers often store a lot of inner fat (as well as under skin one)  due to the sugar in alcohol which is particularly prone to settling around the abdomen as visceral fat.

Visceral fat results in high blood pressure which should be your red flag and call to action.

The good news is that the internal fat is easier to fight. Scientists believe that ever three times a week 30 minutes aerobic activities can reduce the amount of the inner fat stored hence increase health.

I have collected some simple tips which have been tried out by many people over many years and believed to work perfect for any type of person as long as stuck to for long enough. Enjoy! 🙂

1. Change your plate size!

As soon as your plate is smaller, you will be able to fit less food on it. Smaller plate – eat it slower, give gravitation a chance to work. By the time you finish your smaller plate meal, you are fool … however ate much less food.

2. Count your calories!

It is great if you can finally eat of smaller dishes. However less fatty chips or smaller cheeseburger is better but not good enough. Why is it important? Simply due to the hidden calories. Unfortunately many of us do not even know how many calories are in potatoes or red meat or vegetables. Calories is energy and our body does not need too much and cannot survive with too little. For example, a UK documentary about weight loss placed several different foods in front of the interviewee who was meant to rate them according to the calories amount. The foods were (I am naming them in order from the lowest to the highest calorie consumption from the interviewee’s point of view) bawl of a fruit salad, ham sandwich, bowl of chocolate, full on meal with chicken, broccoli and potato and a muffin. Well, surprise, surprise each meal in fact consumed of the same calorie amount however fruit salad bowl looks much smaller and lighter than a plate of chicken, broccoli and potato. The size illusion and the lack of nutrition knowledge can trick anyone. So it is not about eating less when loosing weight to trying to be healthy but eating wisely.

3. Metabolic rate is the rate at which our body burns calories by just living aka breathing, circulating blood etc.

Unfortunately without special medical test we cannot know for sure how fast or slow our rate is. So if you have not obtained the scientific proof of your metabolism being too slow or too fast, do not rely on it too much.

4. Do not become hungry!

Do not starve. Pre-cook your meals and do not make the breaks between your meals too long so you do not experience hunger pains and overeat as a result. If our brain detected hunger it will compensate the long wait with eating too much.

5. Eat protein.

It is scientifically proven that protein prolongs the feel of being full after eating. It reduces those sweet or sour cravings simply because brain still feel like the stomach is full hence not hungry yet. Keep your protein lean!

6. Eat soup!

I have always been a big fan of soups. In Russia, where I am from, soup is all year long lunch dish. However the soup I am personally used to consists of chunks of meat and veggies boiled in water. However it has been proven that meat, carbs and veggies well blended into a thick porridge looking soup is in fact makes us feel full for much longer than solid full of the same quantity and quality. Amazing, isn’t it.

7. The danger of choice.

Have you been to a buffet? Or how often do you find yourself struggling what to chose from a restaurant’s menu? Personally, I get very frustrated with choice and prefer to stick to what I know. Also I have noticed that about half a year of following what choice brings resulted in me putting about 13 kg of extra (fat containing) weight on. Why? Unlimited choice makes us eat a lot more than a routine diet would. Do not beat yourself u too much though, it is a very instinctive habit unfortunately. However, not an excise. Not a very good news for foodies. Personally I try to avoid choosing food situations or often leave this process to whoever is with me “trapped” with unlimited selection.

8. Interestingly, low fat dairy absorbs fat from your food removing it from your body when you visit bathroom.

Therefore modern obsession with skim milk, yogurts and cheese is in fact contributes into loosing weight. It is not a magic pill to loose weight but if you like milk, cheese or yogurts, do not stop consuming them when your trying to loose weight.

9. After-burn burns more fat! For all of us, fitness lovers exercise is a 50% of a weight loss success.

Interestingly, the amount of fat we burn after we’ve stopped exercising is 2-3 times more than while exercising. While we are running or cycling or rowing, we are using carbohydrates mainly because they are our quick energy so body burns them first. It is easier for it. However for the next 24 hours our body needs to restore the burnt energy and while it is happening it is burning fat. For example, I would usually have a light jog for about an hour or a high intense interval training (involving running) for 20 minutes burning around 300 calories while performing the exercise. Additionally, when I go home after and rest I burn twice more of what I have already burnt. It explains why I get very cold most of the time and often over eat in winter (but this is a slightly different story).

It got me thinking maybe I am cold all year round not because (as I believe) I have a low metabolism but because I am burning all the carbohydrates required for my body to keep me warm 🙂

10. Stay active!!!

Go for a walk every time you have a chance, go for a job with a dog, play tennis, climb stairs… use any chance to move 🙂

Annablogia: Burning Fat Inside Out


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