Why To Skinny?

I probably was around 10 years old when first faced all-women-forever-lasting issue with being skinny, look hot, do not eat and behave modest. Okay maybe the very last lesson is a topic for a different day conversation but being skinny is one of many modern obsessions alongside with Fifty Shads of Gray and other seem to be useless things.

I’ve recently read that there are 11 million people who struggle with eating disorders! OMG, 11 million! Not like a thousand or a hundred which still appears to be massive to me. Why and when this obsession stepped in in our lives? Obsession with being skinny!

Annablogia: Why To Skinny?

I say food industry! I say a century ago! I personally think that as food industry has been developing more and more vigorously, it made drastic adjustments to millions of people’s lives.

However what really happened? Well I found out that Americans, as well as Russians I would assume, have always been heavier and larger than Europeans. They simply had more land to grow food on. Russians also needed to store fat for winter, just like animals. Back in the 19th century plumpness was associated with health and wealth (in Russia). Fatter people were seen as rich whereas skinny would only be slaves or workers who simply had less food. Food and wine was one of the symbols of wealth.

Annablogia: Why To Skinny

Interestingly, between 1890 and 1920 specifically, America’s image of the ideal body completely changed from one of healthful plumpness to one where fatness became associated with sloth. There was an unusually strong current of disgust against people who were perceived as obese.”

One of the concerns of being obese was the corset, at the time. It was finally accepted that it was simply squishing internal organs, disrupting blood circulation. Do not confuse, although it might come across as slimming tool, corset was in fact designed to re-arrange body proportions to make breast and bum more prominent against slimmer waist. Metamorphoses in fashion also contributed into changing sizes.

Now, think about it, if McDonalds stops selling high calorie and high in fats food, personal trainers and most of the gyms will be out of work, as well as many medical industries which keep stuffing our society with “magic” weight loss pills.

I find food industry being one of the most influential, along side with fashion of course. Science “discovered” calories and divided food into protein, carbohydrates and fat. Fitness and physical studies stepped in and the entire world changed.

Nowadays though while being size zero is still what most of women want, becoming stronger is a new wave. Loosing weight is changing to burning fat, people are becoming more knowledgeable and curious, discovering more options of living. On other hand, being healthy and fit is still a life option of the “chosen” ones. Many people are still intimidated by gyms, boot camps or personal trainers. Some of them make fun of others being active whereas some people simply exclude themselves from healthier society, hating skinny models, football players and pretty much everything, leaving angry reviews on restaurants and cafes’ web sites.

To be skinny or not to be is a personal choice … is it? I am not sure if we choose being skinnier because we want it (for whatever personal reasons) or because we see these gorgeous skinny girls in the magazines, on TV and in the movies. Girls, for some people being skinny is a profession, they are paid to look so. I once had a stupid argument with a friend of mine saying that actresses are skinny and hot because this is a part of their job (obviously my male friends disagreed). If you are not doing your job well you are fired, isn’t it. Then why are we still shocked when we see skinny blonde actress remaining skinny after having 3 kids and 5 divorces. I am more than sure that if any of you were paid million of dollars for just being skinny to fit in the role in the TV show (I am not eliminating the fact that it also requires other skills & knowledge) and look pretty, you would have dropped any weight.

I must admit I personally love skinny type of females simply because I find it more attractive especially if the bottom is smaller than shoulders; however if you are following me it is a very male look which explains why I am attractive to it. Harder muscles and toner skin is my ultimate object of current worship-ment (if you may) and I must admit it is definitely not entirely my choice either…


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