Australians Are Getting Fat. WHAT?

I have always thought Australians are obsessed with fitness. I am coming from a very not active (physically) country which made me believe (and it still seems to be so) that Aussies are running, swimming and cycling ALL THE  TIME! Surprisingly  they say Australians are getting fat! It is not just unappealing but dangerous for our hearts… Why that happens? I believe that the overall attitude towards health and fitness is awful 😦 However I see why [I will be discussing it in my further topic I am busy with at the moment]. Meanwhile, I want to share this piece of food for thought (from Run Stop Shop) with everyone who cares 🙂

State Of Australia's Health Infographic
Source: Run Stop Shop


2 thoughts on “Australians Are Getting Fat. WHAT?

    • Yeah ive been here for 5 years and never noticed too many fat peoolevespecially in comparison with very obese Russia. I must admit though Russia never even researched into its own obesity whereas US and Oz always out there doing stuff :+) its all in comparison i reckon! Now after living here for a while though i see what they mean… when were u here???

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