Four Basics Which Keep Me Going

Runners! Crazy people, in my opinion! I am getting into is more and more though 🙂 I started to research the running techniques, the betters legs positioning, shoes … oh shoes!

Annablogia: your shoes

They say it really matters what shoes you are running in. I must admit I love that my shoes are so bouncy! However I have never had shins and calves issues before. With new shoes new pain arrived 😦 I don’t know if is it because I am training more or because shoes are not working for me. They are bloody expensive shoes I spent hours choosing 🙂 Not sure if it is shoes or legs that are disappointing me but this well known “run in good shoes” is not working for me just yet.

Shoes or barefoot (yep apparently people run barefoot too)… what definitely works for me is the mind set! I cannot do any training without the right mind set! The believe in what you do is SO important it makes us either stronger or weaker. Whether you win or lose often depends on your mind set.

Annablogia: your mindset

I am not a fitness freak or a tough person, not at all. I in fact enjoy what I do and I do it for my own pleasure; but I have to be a little cruel to myself sometimes to keep me going. And it is fine 🙂 We all have good days and not so much. Some days we feel like we could run 100km and not ever get tired and sometimes our bodies are so heavy and sluggish we can barely walk. You know what, it is all in our heads only!

I agree though that maybe a lack of calories might cause some sluggishness and moody attitude sometimes; or stress or difficulties in relationship…. but you know what? If running or weights lifting or cycling or swimming or anything is your true passion, neither of the problems matters. When you are in your state of doing what you like you know you can climb the Everest and every routine somehow vanishes 🙂

We are not always perfect and also have other duties; and priorities are not always easy to set up. I have noticed that when I run no matter how busy my day is and I know I cannot afford running at this very moment, for example, I have to switch my brain to running only! I need to think of my breathing, speed, what and how I feel… occasionally I think about pleasant stuff but never bad or sad things. Focus is what gets me going!

Annablogia: your focuse

I must admit I often lose it. I love taking pictures of this and that and just put my drive aside from time to time while bending over to pick up a pretty flower. Well, this is who I am and I will roll with it 🙂  I suggest you to do the same. BUT if work needs to be done it needs to be done.

Focus is also the goals we set up. They make us feel urgent and important. So stick with them and keep working 🙂 Goals are better of being realistic and small while the big one is far ahead, the small goals are like smaller steps to the finish. However, I do not believe in finish. No goals = no living, really. This is what I believe in and this is what keeps me going. 

No results or work is fun if you cant share it, can’t show it off, can’t be proud of it! This is why Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and blogging are flourishing – we love sharing 🙂 And why not to love it. Yes all my friends also making fun of me for taking so many pictures of everything and blogging about them [giggle] but who cares. I like doing it hence I am doing it. If you don’t like it, I can show you where the door out of our relationship is 🙂

Annablogia: love yourself

Love yourself and your work! Enjoy it and dance dance dance all the time 🙂 Sometimes we love ourselves a little less than other days but just do not punish yourself. You need rest? Rest! You need to dance? Dance.  And do not forget to comply with the society if you do not want to appear weird just like it happens to me all the time 😛


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