The Blonde Update: I Am Still Breathing – Part 1

I am still alive, just a little dusted [laughing out loud]! No, there is no dust even near me, I have been so tremendously busy that absolutely stopped blogging. The crave has always been there but I would push it away in order to … well, to do something else.

Annablogia: I am alive

I know being too busy is not an excuse really but I just had no extra energy to pull my thoughts together and make a blog post. I must admit I am struggling right now to put my thoughts together well enough so it does not come out as a complete mess. I have so much running through my blonde head that none of the mining trains are able to fit all my thoughts in its cabins. I will have to improvise here and there also trying to mention all the news, plans, hopes and events I was craving to finally pour all over the Internet.

Jobs Which Steal Our Lives

First, I have been really busy with work [you scream: boooooooring]. I know it is a very banal start but I must mention it as work takes most (!) of my lives and I am sure it is just the same with most of people. Our workplace is basically our home. I spend more hours at my desk then in bed with my boyfriend [oops too intimate?]. However this is the way it is and I am not here today to whinge about it but to say that it is so crucial to love what you do, just like you love your boyfriends  [giggling]; there is no future otherwise. My current job is really fun mostly due to the pretty fun team. People are very important! At the same time, I have never had a proper job before [and I am 27, I know, I know mummy] so I am probably just lacking the comparison opportunity. But look, I only moved to Sydney in 2008 and all I have been doing since is fighting for my right to be here. I think I got carried away with this war [and falling apart, at the time, relationships and friendships] that I forgot to think about something which fills our lives right up or steals them, for some – work. I don’t want to sound too banal but work is what makes many of us what we are! However if it is a “shit” job we also become pretty smelly. What I am trying to say is I like my job. I am a writer and this is what I do at work and in my free time [if I have any]. However I am also obsessed with fitness and its only getting crazier and crazier [in a good way].

Fitness Freak Cliche

I have noticed that when I was much younger I used to think that being an office worker is what everybody wants and you ought to succeed in some office workers job. Don’t ask me what I mean by success here – till now, I had no clue. I figured that me not succeeding in this office worker job [simply because I did not even had one] means I need to find a substitute I can try and maybe succeed in and get my “fame” [aka satisfaction / self – worth / recognition] I deserve.

Till around today I was thinking that my current obsession [I apologise for choosing such a strong word, I am aware of many other people being way more obsessed; however in my reality at this stage it is the perfect word] is a result of not succeeding in this imaginary office environment. I have always been a party animal, a table dancer, lose fun blonde Russian… not a runner or a gym junkie or … OMG God no, cyclist [laughing out very loud]!

Later I recalled how I really wanted to join this girls soccer team when I was in my year 2 [in school]. I played for a bit but then my mother did not want me to go to the soccer summer camp so I gave up. Later down the track I really wanted to join this fighting club. I fought till the moment my father noticed all the bruising and a broken head so I gave up. I got into running a little with occasional gym attendance couple of years before departing to Australia. I enjoyed it but I used to take hidden short cuts to the gym and run at night so my peers don’t make fun of me during the day. So here I am, trying to catch up on my “success” I never succeeded in.

First of all, although I like what I do for living [not much living, currency speaking, the industry brings though] I worked out [a fairly long time ago] that I am not thrilled by human interaction. It is going to sound contradicting but I love learning about people trying to figure them out but I prefer to interact with them as less as possible. It is a long and complex topic for some other day. Today I realised I want to be a zoo keeper! You may start laughing now 🙂 but I am serious!

Meanwhile I am completing my third degree [bachelor of business] and thinking that I am just not ready to go for the fourth one straight away. So here I am trying to get out of the office and do something different:

Annablogia: my running tickets

As I am sure you know, I have done my first obstacle running [in the mud] couple of months ago now and I needed some time to digest it. I liked it and I thought I would come back to it but definitely not in winter. As winter started to approach Sydney I tried my best to stay in touch with sanity. Cold makes me so miserable that I can barely do everyday routine, getting sick most of the season. Being Russian is no help here! On the contrary, I used to be sick throughout the entire season back in the old cold motherland. So, on moment [yep it was a one moment decision] I signed up for my second obstacle race – Sydney Urbanathlon which is a City run through the obstacles but no mud, Sydney Color Run (no obstacles) and finally the run I dreamed of since I arrived to Sydney, City2Surf  (no obstacles). And then one day I had another very impulsive decision – 2013 MS Walk & Fun Run which I think I have chosen purely because of the word FUN 🙂

I have never done any charity runs and never really been interested in any. However this time it IS a fund raising run for multiple sclerosis research. I want to be upfront with everyone, I am not your ordinary charity runner or whatever. It was not my “closing the sale” point, I just decided to be a part of something. Do not over think my actions. They are never common 🙂 Regardless, I am collecting donations and here is how YOU can help people with multiple sclerosis. Please click on the picture below and it will take you to the site where you can donate! Thank you

Annablogia: multiple sclerosis run charity

Now, I have nothing to do with this money, it all goes to the research. I personally donated $10 because I had only $30 on my account at the time. I am pretty broke most of the time 😛 I also had to Google multiple sclerosis to get a better understanding of what I am supporting here. So please join in: donate or run or both 🙂

Life Revolving Around Itself

While getting ready for my runs, I try my best not to fall out of life. However this is where I do not succeed again. It is very hard for me to stay 100% devoted to training, eating AND manage full time Uni and a part time job [with some other projects I will talk about later].  Being introvert helps though. I do not care about meeting friends as much which resulted in them leaving me [most of them] or me abandoning them [and I am sorry for it, guys] which made me fully devoted to my pleasures aka training, hobbies etc.

This week though I stared to feel down and realised I am carrying cold and it is about to burst out and put me to bed for weeks 😦 So I decided to stop training, sit down and blog 🙂 So here I am!

Annablogia: Fit Warrior training session

Even though I just said I avoid human interaction I am not some kind of creep who sits at home and stares at the passing by people through the old curtains. No, I love hanging out and do fun stuff and I do it 🙂 I also train with Fit Warrior which is basically is an outdoor boot camp which provides an opportunity to gain skills you might need on a mud run course. They portrait themselves as an outdoor obstacle course training and I am more than happy with it. 6am start training with them is not my usual or favorite routine [getting up at 4am wise] but it definitely makes you tougher! I like it 🙂 Tomorrow (Saturday, 26th) for example we are training on the beach where I am hoping to view some mad sunrise!

Apart from joining group training here and there  I carry on with 6 times a week gym attendance [= training, not just handing around lol] following the program I set up myself combining different female bodybuilders gym plans whom I research and I follow online, I run every Saturday [if nothing else is on] trying to make it up to 20km [its 12 max at this stage] and cycle every Sunday which is about just over 20km trip. Recently I started to cycle to Uni and back which is 20km in total and I do it twice a week. Very good on your legs! Especially if you sit in the office all bloody time! Of course i am not perfect and I also like rotating training sessions and sometimes take longer rests if I feel like I am crashing.

Annablogia: my cycling days

Annablogia: cycling om a rainy day

I have never been into cycling therefore it is a very exciting trip for me, it is very new and I am learning a lot getting into it more and more. Baby steps! I have always thought that cycling is just out of normal, very weird and inconvenient sport. The more I cycle the more I see the point. I guess this is another valuable learning situation 🙂

Annablogia: my marathon runners water bottles

One of the big steps for me was giving up bad habits. Now, whatever bad habit [s] you have, it is tremendously hard to give it up. Habit is one of the strongest instincts of ours. In fact, habits are what keep us alive when there is a danger. We love habits and they love us so they stick around. However whether it is too much sitting, excessive drinking, smoking, drugs, overeating or bad attitude, it is dangerous! I am not full on successful in stopping my bad habits ‘cravings but I have done a lot work and I am free from bad attitude, for sure [giggling]. To stop habits from sticking around, in my opinion, you need a very serious mind set. Imagining the goal and wanting it so badly that you cannot sleep or eat or think of anything else and knowing that your habit stops you from having this something you want determines the success. I would really like to share more on it but I am drafting a whole separate post about it. I will be back with more! I promise! 🙂

Annablogia: Anna says hi

Stay Bad Habits Free! 


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