Models Are Getting “Normal” or Are They?

Recently I have been questioning pretty much everything. Silently. Therefore I went silent myself getting less excited about things & activities. I have only noticed that when I had a chat with my mother in skype and she said at some point “babe, you ok? You seem to be sad…”. And no I wasn’t sad, I was puzzled and still am. I am re-evaluating my every day routine, work, study, hobbies and fitness… There is a lot I am not sure of. I think it happens with everyone from time to time.

While I am figuring it out, I was also thinking (multi-thinking hey)… models are no longer skinny. Are they? Will this new trend of plus size models make ALL the girls want to become one. If that happens will the entire industry blow up? Is it a good idea to promote / encourage overweight people to remain what they are or it is in fact a healthy support for them? How many plus size models are out there? Is it that big as it appears to be in the media? What do YOU think about this new trend?

Annablogia: Models Are Getting "Normal" or Are They?

Annablogia: Models Are Getting "Normal" or Are They?

Models Are Getting "Normal" or Are They?

Models Are Getting "Normal" or Are They?


2 thoughts on “Models Are Getting “Normal” or Are They?

  1. I think we should be encouraging people to be healthy. Forget “skinny” models, or “plus size” models. How about we look at getting people who are simply healthy? Imperfections, stretch marks, and occasional flabby bits.. but people who enjoy moving their bodies, and eating good food.

    • Totally agree! However the industry is there, its in demand. Even normal size models are airbrushed hiding “imperfections”. What is it anyway? Who defines what perfect is? Marketing & business! Real people are with “imperfections” or simply unique ๐Ÿ™‚ however fashion & modelling is massive and im wondering if the society is finally cool with all types of body. I always thought that models were to present clothes hence skinny for designers to save $ on fabric lol Modelling now is more than just showing clothes…and it makes many people feel unhappy with themselves. Im totally agree that we need to encourage health! Stop advertise junk or put warningbon maccas like on cigarettes etc ๐Ÿ™‚ thank you for sharing, Tamara

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