Runners In The Fog

I arrived to the finish 281st πŸ™‚ What a great run!

Today I woke up at 6:20 am realising my alarm did no go off at 5am and I am running late! O.M.G. you cannot imagine my panic πŸ™‚ I still managed to quickly get ready, skull some loosely blended protein shake and head off to Milsons PointΒ where MS Fun Run was taking off at 8am.

“Every year on the first Sunday in June, thousands of people come together in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra to walk and run in support of Australians living with multiple sclerosis.” Today is the DAY! 7:30 am Zumba warm up and lining up for the start. BOOM! Over 50o people are running!Β The route was stunning!!! A lot of hills and picturesque bay views as well as covered in the morning fog City views were just magical! I definitely need to come back for a stroll around, never been there before.

MS Fun Run, 2nd of June 2013, Mislons Point NSW Sydney

MS Fun Run, 2nd of June 2013, Mislons Point NSW Sydney

MS Fun Run route, Milsons Point, NSW, Sydney

MS Fun Run route, Milsons Point, NSW, Sydney

It was my first run with other over 500 people! I have never participated in any research fund raising or fun runs where there are many other people running shoulder to shoulder with each other. It was fun, motivating and challenging and I really enjoyed it. It is not madly hard or too easy, it is just perfect πŸ™‚

I had no idea I like running so much πŸ™‚ However I must say I am not the biggest fan of fun raising activities. I have never thought of being a part if it. I, in fact, decided to do MS Fun Run because it was in the unknown for me place however still within the City. Curiosity does not kill a cat, it pushed it to do fun stuff πŸ™‚ Honestly I expected a little more people but over 500 was not bad. I think we would bump into each other to often with over thousand [giggling].

MS Fun Run provided tracking chips for everyone who wanted to time themselves. Β They are easily attached to shoes and activated as soon as start line (blue mats) is closed . I ran 8km in 50 mins and 53 second which placed me to the 281st place among 510 others (of these who wore the chips) πŸ™‚ I am very happy with this result. I am very new (in a way) to running.

Also whatever is average for many is a lot of very hard work for me! It is slightly annoying; however I often say that 20 years of bad habits against half a year of intense training… well, I think it takes a bit more to rise over average! I know what to aim for and how to still have fun now! πŸ™‚

MS Fun Run, June 2, Milsons Point, NSW, Sydney

MS Fun Run, June 2, Milsons Point, NSW, Sydney

MS Fun Run, June 2, Milsons Point, NSW, Sydney

MS Fun Run, June 2, Milsons Point, NSW, Sydney

As soon as I left Milsons Point the rain went nuts. It started to pour so heavily, it was almost impossible to drive. Apparently there was a Balmoral Run happening at this time. Poor runners! πŸ™‚

Well, I decided to browse where else I can go for a flash mob run. My friend recommended to check Cool Runnings out so I did. Today when I went for a cycle trip with my partner (yep after the run – tougher only boiled eggs lol) I passed Cook River Run ad which I just looked at while putting my cycling pants on. I am running UrbanathlonΒ (11km) on the 16th on June which I am very nervous about to be honest and I have exams happening at the end of the month… However I think I can fit one or two runs here and there πŸ™‚ What you think?

Hopefully I am overseas in July… which means I gotta carry on training while holidaying – Color Run(5km) and City2SurfΒ (14km) are in August πŸ™‚ I am sure it is not the end… [giggling].



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