Rise Of The Planet of The Apes

Rise of The Planet of the Apes

I’m very late in everything… apart from physical maturity. Although my period started when I was 10 y.o., still pulling heads of my dolls, the rest of my “accomplishments” arrived later. I started to drive at 27 (now, like several months ago), I got my first “normal” job at 26, I got into fitness at 25 (although with multiple attempts many times in my life) and I am starting to think “what do I want from this life” only now. I mean not just day dream thinking but structured and with more knowledge, skills and experience on my shoulders. I understand that it took me these 27 years to get where I am now…

Everyone develop very differently. However do we ever complete developing? Australia is considered (by itself and the rest of the world) to be a developed country whereas the country I am from (Russia) is seen to be a developing country. There is a number of criterias which make us grade each country and I am not sure if a human aspect a part of it. I’ve always been very sad for Russia for being so uncivilised, brutal and unwelcomed. I thought hypocrites were born in Russia [giggling]. When I first moved to Australia I still thought that way.

My partner started to teach me driving about a year ago when we finally bought my first ever car. He said that I’d be all nice to everyone at the beginning and gradually become a city driver. City drivers are the ones who are constantly in a hurry even if they are not, they honk as often as they can to declare their “status” on the road, the hate cyclists and go for a bike ride on the weekend, they hate slow cars in front of them swearing at others speeding, they hate pedestrians crossing too slow and other cars (when become pedestrians)…

City Drivers

City Drivers

I had no clue that driving means going back to the apes state. While monkeys are driving I am watching them trying to remain a human. I refuse to be angry with others and honk for no reason (“hurry up”, “get off my way”, “you cant drive shit”, “hey pretty, get into my car” are NOT reasons to show off your “status”). Occassionally people (monkeys driving) piss me off too but because they are far from being people (in my eyes). Let me give you some examples. Otherwise I feel like I am being rude and offensive [giggling]. I usually get honked at if I change lanes, if I don’t drive on red or don’t go faster than the speed limit. Guys, if you don’t like rules here, Thailand or India is a perfect place for you! Try it out 🙂

Today I was on a push bike and I was wrong (cycling in front of the moving car) but the volume of anger the lady driver exploded was beyond my comprehension. I would understand if I killed her child or burnt her house down but I only cut her way while cycling pass.

To start with, cyclist in Sydney ought to be on the road. They get fined if cycle on pedestrian pathways. I rarely go on the road hence break the law every time I cycle. Do I sound hepocrete now? Well, I don’t go on the road for people like my partner, my co-workers, my friends and parents – for them to remain sane and steam a little less while driving. Although I am now persuaded that drivers love clashing with other drivers, pedestrians and cyclists, I am honestly trying to stay away from it as much as I can. They generally live shorter anyway.

So how come Australia is a civilised country? Because economy is stable, dollar is expensive and its so small and far that others cannot bother with invading it… I love Australia, don’t get me wrong and many people are the nicest people ever. If you think they are not go and live in Russia for couple of months [giggling]. However why these nicest people ever become apes when sitting inside their steel boxes on wheels or consume alcohol or moving up their career ladder…?

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