Pace vs Speed

Now, this is going to be a very short post but many months puzzling me topic. Once my work colleague asked me how fast I run while discussing marathons. I said I ran this distance in that time. He replied with telling me how much he ran per minute. I was confused why do I even would want to know that.

Well, since than I got into running a little more serious and got my first watch with a heart monitor. OMG it gives you so many metrics. It is great but I would also love to know what they mean (giggling). While heart rate topic is my next one lined up to be discussed I decided to give a quick overview of what is the difference between pace and speed.

I visited several forums where people were saying the same: pace measures how many minutes its takes you to run each miles whereas speed is telling you how many miles you run per hour. I really liked this illustration:

Pace = time/distance e.g. minutes/mile
Speed = distance/time e.g miles/hour

Now I honestly don’t know why you need to measure both but apparently runners often use pace while cycling refer to speed. Fair enough! However I personally do not know how much or little it is when its measured in miles! Also I am used to measuring speed rather than pace. What type of measurement do you usually use?



2 thoughts on “Pace vs Speed

  1. Hey,

    I like your simple explanation of the topic, and it’s good to know not to be the only one puzzled by the topic 🙂

    In fact, measuring pace has never been important to me until I started running.
    Now, while I still like to check my average speed when running, I find it much more convenient to compare my runs or parts of my usual track by comparing the pace.

    In the end it’s all the same, use whatever is easier to calculate and compare for you I guess.

    • Hi Olli, thanks for sharing! To be frank im still not sure i fully get it :+) I also never thought of pace till getting into running and getting GPS watch to be precise hehe I prefer speed but when speak pace, its good to understand them :+) thanks for running by!

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