Running With The Knee Pain

Unfortunately (or fortunately lol) I am currently very busy with booking my tickets for my overseas holidays therefore I am dropping by for only a quick update on something that bothers me a lot. I am going to talk about running and the consequences such hobby brings into my life. I want to speculate about the current knees pain I experience when try to enjoy running. I also want to try and look into possible solutions and treatments, not going to deep into it. I will definitely be coming back to this topic. Today though I just want to outline the issues which bother me today. Hope you are not yawning already 🙂 Feel free to shoot any info on the topic, your advice, recommendations and potential treatment ideas.

Once Upon A Time…  

Annablogia: Running With The Knee Pain cheeky me

I am (currently) 27 years old, around 75 kg weight and 173cm height. I have never been regularly active; however been always involved with different types of sport here and there throughout my life. Never lasted for long enough though.

I have been a party animal and bad habits’ incubator for many many years. My interest in fitness and health has only picked up about a year ago. I have gained weight from 62km (in 2008) to 75 kg today and although being healthier has become a hobby, it has also become a challenge.

When I was a teen I had all sorts of issues with my spinal core as well as my neurology system. Half of my life (since I was about 4 years old) I had a bad posture as well as constant night horrors and dreadful migraines. Doctors were observing me for many years and my mom was writing a diary where she would put different data such as my blood pressure, unusual neurotic cases or any other “not normal” events, recording them daily. What a burden, I am thinking now! Although, I am no longer having troubles sitting straight up and my horrors are very mild and rare, I realised I want to understand my own body better.

Why am I telling you all that? Well, I am trying to improve my running skills, researching useful info and trying different approaches out.

Explore Your Body!

I have always been curious about my “inner word“; however have never really connected activities in my brain to how I perform physically, for example. I have finally arrived to the state when I am trying to understand my body as much as my mind.

As I mentioned earlier, my physiotherapist back in my childhood advised me to never get involved with extreme sports and only practice yoga or very mild weights lifting.  I went through some mild aerobics and acupuncture to fix my posture issues as well migraines back when I was a teen. Nowadays, I developed a mad interest in resistance training, bodybuilding and running despite the fact that all of the mentioned sports give me such a grief.

Annablogia: Running With The Knee Pain - Bay Run

After finishing Cooks River 10km Fun Run in 1 hour and 5 minutes I struggled recovering from my left knee pain. I have always had unpleasant feeling in my knees when running; however now it is a much stronger pain. I also started to suffer from mild pain in my calves and ankles. You can imagine how upsetting such discovery would be!

I have not seen a physio since I was little and maybe it is time to do so. Unfortunately I do not believe in doctors much (since they disappointed me so many times) but I am considering…

Personal Findings:

Today I decided to pull my old running shoes out (thinking that my new ones might be contributing into my knee issue), take inner-souls out and run observing my technique, breathing and feelings. Well, 4 km in and I started to feel a tightening up pain on the left side of my left knee. I must say that 4km in is good, it would usually be 1 or 2 km right at the beginning of my running.

I must also add that while running Cooks River Fun Run I noticed that if I run bringing my legs higher and almost kick my bum with my feet as I run, it reduces my knees suffering for a least some time.

Therefore, today I tried to run the entire 10 km bringing my legs higher. Bringing them too high causes more pain, leaving them fairly low (jogging style) causes a lot of pain. So I figured, no more jogging, to start with! Running, racing, speeding… this is what I need! However, as you can imagine bringing legs higher makes you run faster also making you tired quicker. I am not sure how big or small my lungs are but I run out of breath much quicker.

You CAN Run Any Day Even On THAT Day

Annablogia: Running With The Knee Pain - Chrissie Wellington Ironman

Chrissie Wellington Ironman Image credit: The Athletic Life

It was fun learning, observing myself. Although today is that day when life seems to be shit, I managed to enjoy the run regardless my knee pain and way too frequent stops. As I have written many posts earlier, women’s period is better handled while being active so I decided to give it a go! I must admit I took 4 pain killers before stepping on the running track and was still suffering from exhausting menstrual pain which eventually vanished as soon as knee pain kicked in (giggling). However I must admit, period discomfort felt like too small of a problem 🙂 I am glad I went for a run even when I felt like crawling into a hole and dying there. I cannot say pain numbed the knee pain or contributed in it; however felt it was important mentioning it.

The Skinnier The Faster 

I am clearly not going to become an Olympic champion in running and not even aiming to be one; however understanding my body and improving my running skills is very important for me at this stage of my life. This is why I also want to bring another issue up; however only briefly.

“From experience, I know that the lighter I am, my running improves.  Even a few pounds can make a significant difference. ” which I picked up from Running Inspired Blog. It brings me back to the situation when my boyfriend joked once saying I was too heavy to run fast. Well, whether it was a joke or not, it is in fact, true. I also believe that I am too heavy to be able to run faster. It is not easy to carry this 75 kg around. Running is even harder (giggling). Loosing weight (especially fat) is what runners need (!) to do in order to run better. You simply need to be lighter to run faster and easier. Check Iron Man runners out, even females are so tiny and flat that you sometimes cannot tell the difference between men and women (I hope it won’t be taken sexist). Or at least I often struggle with identifying who is who 🙂 This speculation made me wonder if lighter weight will reduce the knee pain simply because there would less impact on it.

Unfortunately I have never researched into running science or humans’ bone and muscle structure deeply enough; however this is exactly what I need to do in order to find some answers to my numerous questions. Stay tuned!  I will definitely be back with some fascinating info! 🙂

Coming Next:

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