We Are Our Hormones

I am emotional, passionate and sensitive. I dye my hair blonde today and then go brunette tomorrow. I love cartoons, books and writing and get upset when others judge my interests. I work as a digital marketer and study business, dealing with a wide spectrum of different people constantly assessing them against my knowledge and way of life. I am an introvert and fairly opinionated. I love staying active and love hanging out with people as much as I love to crawl into a corner in the room and read a book for hours or just stare at the wall. I hate shopping and I rarely cry when watching movies; however constantly comment while in the cinema. I talk ridiculously a lot and feel very unhappy if I don’t.

Annablogia: We Are Our Hormones - Anna

Who ever you are, you have your own preferences, characteristics and habits. I am sure some of you love staying up all night dancing the night away whereas others prefer to catch an early one to welcome the earliest morning possible. Some of you always speak up and never keep any thoughts inside your head; however others are more contempt and prefer to keep most of the information to themselves. Many of us dye and cut our hair depending on our mood. Most of us love gathering together and discuss current gossips. This is what we are and I am not any different, I think šŸ™‚

Interestingly, whatever we feel, thing, decide on… whatever we ARE is defined by our hormones and chemicals inside us. As I mentioned earlier in my posts, I have been reading Ā “Why Men Don’t Listen and Women Can’t Read Maps” byĀ Allan Pease & Barbara Peasem, making some precious notes. I haven’t finished it and it might be a little early to go into reviewing it BUT I cannot not to share some awesome highlights. The book is basically about the males and females’ differences (looking into both sexes brain chemicals and activity differences) which reveals some fascinating facts many of us have not really thought about. Most of the information wasn’t news for me; however many pages I went through made me go “WOW” on multiple occasions.

I Am As Hormonal As You Are!Ā 


Hormones are our masters and we are their Muppets. Everyone’s feelings, and behavior as a result, can be explain by the chemicals in our bodies.Ā A hormone (from Greek į½ĻĪ¼Ī®, “impetus”) “is a chemical released by a cell, a gland, or an organ in one part of the body that affects cells in other parts of the organism.”

Apparently our hormones are pre-programmed before we are even born. Males and females have both hormones from both sexes but predominately one type of them for each. As we know male hormone is called testosterone which gives men their strength and the body ratio of 15% fat and 45% protein (bastards, I know lol). As male’s initial job (for millions of years) was hunting, hormones have pre-wired every single male to have a lean, strong and fast body. No wonder my boyfriend who drinks, smokes and never (!) exercise runs twice faster and three times longer than me (when get together for a jog). Crazy! So, males are hormonally (if you will) designed (by the mother nature) to be better at sports.

Female have their own hormone called oestrogen which is not regulated and structured like males one but come in waves over a 28 day cycle. Surprisingly, I have my photo albums organised by dates and places; however my hormones are naturally just a chaos [giggling]. When a girl becomes a woman her body ratio is 26% fat and 20% protein (Damn!) which is pre-determined by the millions-years-ago-females-nest-protector-and-child-baring function. Extra fat is crucial for survival especially through tough starvation times. When I was monitoring my body fat percentage I thought I was a genius when managed to go from 30% to 25% fat in my body. Well, clearly I just managed to cut back to normal [giggling].

Love Is In The Air? No, This What Hormones “Smell” Like!Ā 

Apparently falling in love can cure a flue! I am sniffling right now trying to get my heart racing faster thinking of my boyfriend [giggling]. Well, apart from joke, neurologists proved that falling in love is technically a number of chemical reactions taking place in the brain which cause all these romantic feeling, wet palms, racing heart and blurry mind. Now I will go very technical so read carefully šŸ™‚

I have never tried drugs in my entire life; however most of people I know have. Many of them describe this amazing feeling of love, pleasure and happiness when talking about their drugs’ experiences. They are talking about PEA, or phenylethylamine (take your time to re-read it, its okay, it took me several seconds too). This is the chemical which we crave for – this is the chemical of love, amphetamines and chocolate.

When we fall in love, take amphetamines or eat chocolate our hormones release phenythylamine into our blood stream and we are drowning inĀ love, pleasure and happiness. Together with PEA, our brain gets a dosage of adrenaline which I blame for getting so over excited about everything! This is why I rarely agree on any extreme sports / adventures / experiences because personally all I need to do is to think about falling off a cliff and Tha Dha I actually feeling it. I am not entirely happy with it, I must admit.

Annablogia: We Are Our Hormones image

The following piece of information made me open my mouth while reading. Interestingly, when we kiss, especially for the first time (I mean mouth to mouth kiss, of course), the brains of the kissing people run the data analysis through. In other words, while a couple exchanging its saliva, their brains are doing math to work out their compatibility. Women’s brain would also sneak in to check the men’s immune system. Apparently lower immune system is a turn off for female brains. What a picky organ, isn’t it?!

Now, all that happens due to the fact that many years ago when people lived in caves and hunted their breakfast, lunch and dinner sticking together with healthy and stronger spices meant survival. Back in the caveman world, humans lived the life animals do. We now left our caves and built mansions and apartment buildings instead but it takes much longer than couple of centuries for our hormones to re-structure.

However we all can learn new skills no matter what hormones tell us to do! This is why when a female is low inĀ oestrogen and wants to kills the entire world, people involved in her life would really want to just bend a little and be as loving as possible at least till the hormone level peaks up again. At the same time, women should also understand that men are always going to behave like assholes if theirĀ testosterone level is very high.

Nowadays when humankind learnt about hormones, it experiments with it. This is why women often inject male hormones when trying to reduce their inherited body fat percentage and grow muscle while especially aggressive prisoners are often injected with female hormones to calm them down. Steroid are naturally male hormones making men stronger and faster are not unfair synthetic hormones which is injected illegally in order to dramatically enhance sportsmen performance.

The world of hormones is absolutely fascinating! I have only started to discovering it in detail and there is so much more into it than what I have re-told today. I simply want to spark your curiosity so you strive to learn more too. Ā There are more types of hormones and many more situations in our everyday lives which can be explain from the hormonal perspective. Human body is an amazing world!


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