Personal Input: Discipline & Change

I am going away for some holidays time to visit my motherland and catch up with crazy relatives. I don’t think I will be posting much when I’m there but Never say Never 🙂

Annablogia: Personal Input- Discipline & Change

My Jamie Eason Body Transformation journey, somewhere week 4 – 6, July 2012

As for “never”, I really wanted to share some thoughts currently circulating in my mind. I pulled out this about-two-years-old-picture, recalling my 12 weeks transformation work I quieted half way through.  I managed to achieve some awesome results though and was very impressed with what I achieved. Why am I bringing it up? Well I want to talk about something I am constantly thinking of – self realisation, self-growth, self discovery and change. Fitness happened to be one of the areas of my life which affects the rest of me a lot.

In my opinion exercising is amazing due to a very large number of reasons. One of them I want to talk about today is discipline and change

Once Upon A Time

Couple of years ago I had a slightly different routine including absence of job or a boyfriend. I was all to myself with zero duties or responsibilities. I would wake up when ever I woke up, march to the gym, train, walk back home grabbing my coffee on the way. I would come home, study a little, apply for couple of jobs and go for a run. My day would pass by exercising most of the day, studying a little and sleep the rest of my time. No wonder it was so easy to follow my body transformation routine. There was a different challenge though; however this is not what the story is about today, I will leave this bit out for this post.

Accumulating Unhappiness 

I am sure many of you would notice that when we are busy we become even busier and add up more work to our current madness; and run around like crazy trying to accomplish everything we put on ourselves. On other hand when we have way too much of free time, we stop doing everything and whatever seemed to be urgent become pointless.

Of course, it is different for everyone but this is how I have been functioning for my entire life. It was not purely my poor time and tasks’ management, it was psychological matter. The Sun was shinning, the food was in the fridge, the ocean was warm and little bothered me. Yes, I felt highly unsatisfied professionally and mentally (or spiritually if you wish) but physically I was in paradise of no worries.

Everything change since. I got a busy job, more studies and a boyfriend. I even ended up eliminating most of my friends due to the lack of time and patience (again, a topic for another day). Consequently I got used to being so madly busy not wanting to change anything. And we never do! Whatever routine we are in right now, we find it 100% comfortable whether it is laziness, abusive relationship or constant over eating. Everyone finds it 100% comfortable. Why am I so sure? Because who finds it uncomfortable – changes it!

We Love Our Misery

It might sound a little harsh and sometimes I do not believe myself when I say it but we chose how we live. Adaptation is one of our greatest gifts. Lazy people are happy with being lazy, fat people are happy to be fat etc etc etc BUT at the same time we often punish ourselves for being comfortable in our skins of laziness, fatness or business. It is not that black and white of course, it is a little more complex but it is easier to put in contrast in order to illustrate easier.

Change is painful, uncomfortable, strange and it dis-arms us. We don’t like change! However it is exactly what keeps us going! Change! We need it! We crave it often without realising it. I for example, moved furniture in my house six times for the last 7 months.

When I got into obstacle running I found it very frighting. When I met the participants I found them incredibly fit. When I started studying accounting I thought it would be impossible. When I first started getting up at 4 am to work out I thought it was hell… With time, none of the above was relevant …, well, not in my head at least. Obstacle racing is fun, racers are very fit but also crazy passionate people and interesting people, accounting isn’t that bad (however boring and difficult) and I get up at 5 am every morning in order to train before work and be able to free my night for writing and reading! These might seem to be small but this is what our lives are made of – little things we repeat every day. For some, quitting bad habits, eating healthier or trying out something new are these small things which make up lives. My example can be absolutely irrelevant to some of you but it can also resemble something others are going through right now.

From Yesterday Into Tomorrow

I found the picture (above) several days ago recalling my body transformation adventure and it got me thinking… How many other amazing things we are in fact capable of!? This is an endless word of possibilities! Well, I have not finished the transformation and would love to get back to it… And this is the story for another day!

Change does not come without discipline! Such thought used to mean nothing to me and sounded rather preposterous. Changing small every day habits in my opinion is very important. I have not completed the body transformation due to several reasons one of which was boredom with a tint of laziness. Considering the fact that I was drowned in my gym routine and enjoyed it a lot I did get bored eventually. I had no other busy arrangements happening and I was not in the hurry to get results and I was doing same thing over again without mixing it up or skipping or forgetting to do something. It was “ideal” hence very boring.

Now when I have filled each day of my life with a lot of exciting tasks I can barely finish in 16 hours I have to constantly undergo some re-arrangements, re-adjustments, compromises in order to fit everything in. Yes it gets draining and I do miss out on things or people but I get to do things I like and I get to carry on doing them without stopping because none of my days are similar to any other.

To change you need to really want it. And I mean it. However desire won’t start moving things. This is when discipline kicks in. Discipline is basically a repetition of a new habit. Desire will spark you up but you need the flame. If you do nothing the spark will fade. If you start action, the fire will grow.


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