How To Stay Fit On Holidays?

You have been slaving yourself at work or university for the entire year. You have now lodged your tax return (well, I stuffed it up and haven’t lodged yet lol), bought new swimmers, gained some weight over winter (if you are in the southern hemisphere like myself) and craving for some time off and overdue holidays indulgent.

Oh, this long-waiting-for TIME OFF!!! I have been waiting for you for so long! However, taking time off your work, studies and every day duties does not mean you must go crazy during your holidays. People often need another holiday after their holidays to recover the holidays madness. This often includes ruining your perfectly (or let’s say, reasonably) fit body, health and already slightly damaged by stress at work neurological system.

How to stay fit, healthy and sane while on holidays?

Port Douglas, Far North Queensland, Australia, approximately 70 km north of Cairns

Port Douglas, Far North Queensland, Australia, approximately 70 km north of Cairns

Well, there are several core things which work for me and I will share them with you!

I am about to board on the plane to Russia for my holidays; however I am determined to stay fit! Partly because I am running City2Surf as soon as I am back to the reality but mostly because it is time for a change! It is time to reduce impulsivety and do what I think good for me!  If you also questioning how to stay fit and healthy on holidays, carry on reading! If you find this question stupid close the window 😀

I have always been a party animal and going away on holidays used to mean more partying! And it is great! However, as you get older (boooooring I know but you will most likely be there as well) you want to live easier and longer hence healthier. Although we all want to be healthy and fit while holidaying, not all of us find the guts to keep the promise to ourselves. I totally understand it.

However, here what I do:

Do Not Break The Routine

Think about it this way: if you have a nice exercising routine which you are happy with why to stop it? I suggest you actually think about it. Humans are amazing at rationalising literally everything. Our brain can find a reason for pretty much anything this is why we have science, religion and crazy people 🙂 Well, I am sure you can have a quick meeting with yourself and decide to carry on with your training routine when you are on holidays. As soon as you set your mind right you will behave accordingly.

Change The Attitude & Be Nice To Yourself 

Do not see your desire to be  healthy as a burden or weirdness. If you have been exercising well before taking your time off and feel that exercising on holidays is an awful dread and does not fit with your partying, sightseeing and travelling plans than maybe you need to find piece with it?! Don’t forget through that who REALLY wants to keep up with training while travelling won’t feel that way. Remember, rationalising! You in fact can change your vision on anything in this world. Viktor Frankl in his “Man’s Search for Meaning” is recalling how depending on people’s vision or attitude, if you want, German camp prisoners’ were destined to die or survive.

If you still think that exercising on holidays is a crazy idea, let me share my experience with you. I have also always thought it was a crazy idea; however…  last year I went to Thailand for New Year where I drank, ate and slept most of my time, being either drunk or hungover. I loved the holiday, don’t get me wrong but I got back home sick. My co-travelers, four young men, were partying as much and travelling much more but they went to whatever-near-by gym every morning (whatever time was that) to sweat the booze out and keep in shape. If that sounds like a dread to you than maybe you simply don’t want it:) If I am wrong I apologise and suggest you to TRY and implement whatever training on your holidays routine even if it is a longer walk, a jog or a local gym 🙂

Be nice to yourself though. If you don’t want to carry on with your plan don’t and don’t punish yourself for it. Just don’t! Trust me on that one please 🙂

Evaluate and Re-Arrange The Priorities 

Another thinking activity. Sorry, this is what its all about 🙂 Many people change with age. People’s priority change with time. It does not happen just because we are ageing but simply because we gain experience with time. The more we know the more is available for us. Use the knowledge! Being a kid or being a teen entitles its own experience which if live in time no longer required in adulthood. I still love dancing and being silly from time to time don’t get me wrong but because I have done most of the crazy and unhealthy stuff when I was “meant” to do it I don’t feel the urge to do it now. However I feel like doing more! Trying things! Learning new stuff! Planning new life! Achieving new goals! I have never exercised on holidays before and don’t know if I am going to succeed. However if I decide that running once or twice a week while I am away suits my schedule I am more likely to stick with it. Let me add that when I say “suits” I mean I decide it will suit without knowing the traveling plans 🙂 Make it happen, all I am saying!

Get Other Holiday-Makers Involved

If you are travelling with a friend or planning on meeting a lot of new people, get them to join you to exercise with you. It might sound mad but if you simply suggest your new friend to go for a sunset or a sunrise jog on the beach or climb a mountain or cycle around the city together you are more likely to execute the planned activity 🙂 For some people, training with a partner is highly motivational.

Join Overseas Challenge 

Many Australians are crazy about obstacle racing, fun runs and similar sort of exercising group fun. If you are one of them, research if there are any fun runs, maybe swimming competition or mountain cycling overseas. Sign up! Join in a group, team or make your own! There is always something happening all over the world.

Keep The Bigger Picture In Front OF You At All Times 

This is VERY important and must be at the top of the list. I placed in on the bottom because I want to summarise with it. Whatever the reason for your training or desire to stay fit on holidays REMEMBER it all the time. Never let it slip away! If you know why you are doing what you are doing you don’t need an extra boost of motivation or any of tips I’ve outlined above. People who are very clear about their goals find the ways to reach them no matter what! However it is not always easy to define your aims clear enough (this is a topic for another day, sorry).

Now, let’s reap! When you plan travelling think of if as a pleasurable time not just one in a lifetime getaway where you have to do it all risking your health and life. Set your mind the way you feel good about everything! Always be nice to yourself! Never punish yourself! Have discussions with yourself rather than punishing. Re-arrange your priorities! Going away on holidays will always interact with your everyday routine. Adjust it! Make a new one! Find a partner! Travel with someone also trying to keep up with training on holidays or meet people and see if they are interested. Engage them! Join overseas challenges including hiking or running – you get to meet more people, experience culture in action (if overseas) and keep fit on holidays. ALWAYS keep the main goal in front of you! Always remember why you trying to keep fit. Being healthy & fit requires work. You either accept it or reject it. Stop whinging or punishing yourself. Yes being unhealthy is easier and it requires NO effort whereas staying healthy and live longer requires a lot of effort. It is just the way it is.

As my friend once told me and I carry on mentioning it “If you are tired of doing it (exercising), quit it” – I have never given up since! 

Happy Holidays! 


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