The 43rd City2Surf Happened to be My First

I have finally ran my first City2Surf on Sunday, 11th of August 2013. I am not going to give away much now because I am preparing a piece on my City2Surf experience for one of the fitness mags. However I am obliged to share my emotions and pictures of course 🙂 As you would know me (especially by now) I always have a lot of emotions and often feel like sharing them either I am writing or pictures posting.

The 43rd City2Surf Happened to be My First

City2Surf has celebrated its 43th birthday! I have finally participated in the race! Running together with 85,000 participants is something magical! It is both weird and inspiring! In one word, LOVED it 😀 In two, will definitely run again next year.

The Sun-Herald City2Surf has been wholly owned and organised by The Sun-Herald (formerly The Sun), a Fairfax Media publication.

History tells us that the inspiration for this great event came via a note from Fairfax’s US correspondent, who sent a newspaper clipping in 1970 about the San Francisco Bay to Breakers to the editor of The Sun newspaper, Jack Tier.

From that internal memorandum The Sun City2Surf was born, albeit humbly, in 1971, with just over 2,000 entrants (only 2% of the field was female). In the years since it has been proven time and again that no other fun run in the Southern Hemisphere matches The Sun-Herald City2Surf in terms of organisation or demographics. For the first time in the event’s history women outnumbered men in the capacity field of 63,451 in 2006: it is truly a community event attracting entrants from all walks of life and all ages, according to City2Surf official site.

 My first City2Surf

So here I am on Sunday morning with nasty flu, only 4 hour sleep the night before and literally no prior training (three small runs in over three weeks and no run weeks before the day) anticipating the start. I have been waiting for this run for way to long to back up now. Even if I had my leg broken I would still run City2Surf on the day 🙂

It was massive! People everywhere in the City! So many people everywhere in the heart of Sydney. Beautiful sunny day with so many people waiting for the start gun to go off. My mate and I walked around for about an hour watching other groups and teams start. Closer to 9:30 am we hurried up to the our team start line. Well, “hurried up” is a little bit of an author’s exaggeration – there we so man people that it took us about 15 minutes to get to the start line. We even got some coffee on the way and took pictures with many other participants 🙂

The 43rd City2Surf Happened to be My First 11th of August 2013

43rd City2Surf Sydney 2013, 11th of August

And then we finally ran! Starting from Hyde Park we turned to the party animal Kings Cross where we ducked into the tunnel running to Edgecliff – the road  which is usually occupied by cars. There we so many people on these roads that our initial running was more like slow jogging. We managed to pick up only when we reached Double Bay and Rose Bay onwards. The route involves a lot of hills up and down most of which are fairly smooth. I must admit Dover Heights had some surprises here and there  but generally, the elevation was bearable.

Not only my flu was an annoying obstacle but a costume I wore. I love dress ups hence I was a Super Girl on the day! 🙂 It was a very closed up costume and it was a very hot day. Flu + synthetic long sleeves outfit = very hard breathing, unfortunately. Not to mention zero training and too much fun while away on holidays right before the race.

The 43rd City2Surf Happened to be My First: Super Girl

The 43rd City2Surf Happened to be My First

On the approximately 7th (out of 14) km my knee stopped serving me and became the main reason for me to slow down and eventually limp the rest of the distance to North Bondi. Regardless my distress, people are dancing, laughing, singing and making friends along the race! Awesome atmosphere! I honestly felt so much love in the air, not sure if this was my antibiotics or friendliness all over.

The 43rd City2Surf Happened to be My First: Bondi Beach

The 43rd City2Surf Happened to be My First

My face was on fire (it got severely sun burnt) and my knee was in so much pain as if the knee cup was falling off my leg but I still made it to the the end of the race. I sprinted my last kilometer and got to the beach in 1 hour and 50 minutes from the moment I started the run. My worst time ever but it was an amazing experience! I got my medal on the beach, hugged my fellow runner and limped home.

I am hoping I will be able to train well enough for the next year City2Surf. Meanwhile I am taking another week of an exercising trying to fight my flu (which progressed since the race), treating my absolutely useless now knee. The 43rd City2Surf Happened to be My First: Knee injury

While I am not running or exercising at all (for min a week), I decided to try and find out why I have so many knees issues and how I can solve the problem both short term when the pain becomes unbearable and long term in order to be better at what I like so much – fitness 🙂 I have discovered some curious information and will devote a separate post for it so stay tune!


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