Broken Rules Update: Coming Back From Holidays

Getting back into exercising is just as hard as starting it all over. Although muscles often remember the work you did before you went on the break, the longer your break the shorter your muscles’ memory. That’s a shame!

Broken Rules Update: Coming Back From Holidays I was away from lifting, running, cycling or any other activity for over a month. I went overseas and I was also sick straight after coming back. Clearly, I was out! Before I left on holidays I wrote a post “How To Stay Fit On Holidays?” promising to come back and write how did I go with the advice I have given everyone else.

Broken Rule No 1 

While away I followed some rules but I broke the most. “Do Not Break The Routine” was my advice number one. My routine was getting up at 5 am or just before it, got to the gym or a swimming pool, spend some quality time there, rush back home, get ready for work, slave in the office for about 8 hours with zero movements, rush back home and go for a jog if any energy left or read a book, write a post, write an article, watch a movie and go to bed. This is very basic but I must say fairly accurate description of my weekdays. Some days would involve attending university instead of work and weekends include a lot of running, a little less gyming and some cycling. I find this life amazing! However, no friends, no spare time for pubbing or clubbing. This I believe is where each of us need to set their priorities “right” [there is NO “right or “wrong”, only subjective]. Spending time overseas with family and friends means getting madly exhausted trying to catch up with everyone [especially when you are an introvert like me who gets drained by hanging out with too many people too often]. Well, I thought it is only a lame excuse and I must find some time for myself aka exercising. I managed to run 5km three or four times over three weeks holiday. That’s a shame!

Damaged Rule No 2

If you remember from the post, the next rule I outlined was “Change The Attitude & Be Nice To Yourself “. I must say I see it as I didn’t entirely broke it. At the same time I didn’t really follow it. I have never really met a person who would be nice to themselves. I often get upset with lost opportunities, missed out work outs or whatever, really. I sometimes punish myself for not following the plan strict enough or  slipping on the old habit not sticking to the new routine. I always say and truly believe in it that if you carry on punishing yourself you will never climb to the top you are trying to get to, no matter what it is, anything (not just fitness). This is why I don’t allow myself to pity too much or too long. When I was on holidays I tried my best to stick to the plan and I exercised when I physically had time and unfortunately at some point my holidays turned into a getting up at 5 am and coming home in the middle of the night “adventure” which absolutely ruined any desire to spend extra energy on running around. That’s a shame!

One – Pieces Rule No 3 

The “Evaluate and Re-Arrange The Priorities” rule worked well, of course.  I realised I won’t be able to fit my family and my hobbies in one bowl and had to prioritise family because I was only visiting for couple of weeks.  By evaluation and re-arrangement or adjustment I mean changing your routine a little such as maybe changing the time or the time spent or the technique to suit the life change. However I do not exempt the possibility of dropping out because I pretty much did and it was my re-arrangement. That’s a shame!

More Broken Rules

The “Get Other Holiday-Makers Involved” and “Join Overseas Challenge” was impossible! Most of Russians strongly dislike and disapprove any type of exercising and the closest Fun Run in Moscow (who could have thought they had any) is planned to be in September (we are in August at the moment). That’s truly a shame because I really wanted to join this We Run Moscow run!

I have never stopped  following my next rule: “Keep The Bigger Picture In Front OF You At All Times “. Over the entire time overseas I was literally dreaming of going to the gym. I know, sounds a little too trivial but I am honest here. Apart from other family related nightmare, I was dreaming of completing a marathon (because I have never had yet).

Broken Rules Update: Rules Are Made To Be Broken

Now, I am writing this post to share something very close to my heart but also show that everyone “fail” sometimes and the most important thing to remember is to never ever be broken by your broken rules! 

I must admit it is absolutely awful to come back to the gym after over a month break and not be able to lift the smallest weight. It is hard and annoying but the first step has to be done. Patience and determination are not just words. If you can feel what you say and follow what you believe, you will eventually succeed.

Have you ever sen this anti-smoking advertising where they encourage people to carry on giving up smoking even if they keep smoking? Never stop quitting – they say! That is great! Although I feel very upset about the “lost” time, effort and the broken rules I am happy I lived the experience I lived. I can take certain lessons out and plan my time better. I hope by outlining my “failure” (so to say) I don’t discourage anyone to try and keep fit on holidays. Sticking to a routine while changing it at the same time making us more flexible and adaptable. Don’t get upset if you don’t succeed straight away, try again tomorrow.

Soon I will be writing a lot about different training techniques and new plans as well as covering the dodgy knee situation trying to find best solution for everyone suffering from constantly “whinging” legs.  I completed a basic upper body work out today realising how important it is to follow these simple rules:

Broken Rules Update: Time To Make New Rules

Whenever you start something over or for the first time, do not rush into it or expect to see the same result. Be very nice and patient with yourself, slowly working your up. Indulge yourself in positive thinking and simply CARRY ON doing what your doing 🙂


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