How Clear Is Your Goal?

I am not sure about you but personally I have never had a clear image of myself as a grown up. In fact, I have never even been asked what I wanted to become when reach my adulthood. Moreover the only memory of “whom would you want to be when grow up” conversation consists of my relatives asking my parents “which Uni have chosen for Ann?”. As a result, I had two options: finance or journalism. Well, after failing math several times in school and getting fairly low marks for my Russian, I chose journalism. I never really wanted to be a journalist. Or did I?

How Clear Is Your Goal?


Now, when I am approaching my 28th year or life I am sort of getting a direction; however very unstable and unclear. While I am enjoying writing, marketing and design there is a large knowledge gap which discourages from progression. Although it seems like I found the stream I would like to duck in, I am not there yet.

Exercising is my other passion deserving attention. Although fitness, in my opinion, is not considered as something serious (or simply way too common and annoying by now) in our society, I would also like to get my hands sweaty, so to say (giggling). Many friends of mine asked me on several occasions now why don’t I become a personal trainer or a fitness instructor. Well, believe it or not I hate PTs’ job. I find this life in the gym too small. There should be more than that when it comes to exercising.

Now, how do both ideas come together? If I knew, I wouldn’t be blogging about it spitting my feelings out. However I am wondering… how many people peruse two or more careers?

How Clear Is Your Goal? Two jobs are better than one

I have stumbled upon this article about Angela Hunter who is in fact juggling two jobs. I must admit they are not two different sides of a spectrum but fairly close to each other activities (or so they seem to me, at least). What I am trying to say I guess is that becoming an a mechanical engineer while perusing a career of a film director can appear to be a little wilder than being a business owner (organised) and an occupational therapist in one package. Or is it so?

When choosing a career, in my opinion, people need to imagine themselves doing something or being someone and see how they feel about it. Let me explain what I mean. Someone I know, for example, was having a professional and personal crises trying to identify what is the joy of life. Accordingly, she wanted to be famous, rich a and beautiful. Well, we all want different, right.  Although it seems to be like a very clear image of her final goal, she was struggling with understanding which professional career falls under becoming famous, rich and beautiful. Now, when I tried to think of the ultimate professional happiness myself, I saw it under a thick fog. I must admit I have never had to chose before therefore I never really thought. It is an absolute pleasure to be able to chose and decide for yourself and I am very lucky to finally have this opportunity, sooner or later.

Today I got a call from the distance education university consulting me regarding the fitness instructor’s degree while I was booking my short marketing course. I figured, since I am not genius Steve Jobs or obsessed Michelle Bridges, I gotta keep trying different careers on until my mind clears up and I see my goal clear.

Meanwhile, I have been thinking about how to help my goal searching process; and researched some curious tips. 

1. Get Creative! I am an absolute believer that dreaming big will eventually narrow the search down. Allowing yourself to dream big helps to find what you really want to be. Dreaming big frees creativity. Unfortunately, being very focused does not broaden the horizons. When there is a specific task to complete, focus is exactly what you need. When you are seeking yourself,  spill yourself all over the reality and get imaginative.

2. Brainstorm! If you dream big but too big, try to narrow it down to several favorite ideas, for example 7 most exciting career thoughts.

3. Set Your Deadline, they say! Although some people believe it assist in finding yourself, I cannot personally back it up. I am getting a third degree on the edge of reaching my 30s and still brainstorming, Setting a deadline is great, it stops you from wasting the entire life searching and start doing though.

4. Draw / Write / Say Your Action Plan. When the idea is crystallising in something more or less solid, set the plan out. As soon as you start following the steps of action, you might find problems, corrections, new ideas or in fact realise that you are on your way.

5. Have Fun! Loosing yourself can be frustrating and even cause depression. Staying happy, have fun and remain sane is crucial. Having fun often helps to free your mind and change the angle.

I am not sure about you but personally I have never had a clear image of myself as a grown up. I am hoping to end up forming one 🙂


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