Do Your Body Work

Ohh this stubborn belly fat or embarrassingly enlarged arms and impossible to shred thighs. I am sure many if not all of us have one or several problem areas which are hard to shred fat from and tone up. Many people work on their problems zones a little harder than other body parts or even overall, trying to fix the standing out (or sticking out) weight problem. Well, is it simply not going to work! Let me explain why.

Shredding This Stubborn Spot NOT

To be honest, I have never really thought about Spot Reduction technique but there is such. It derives from the believe that fat can be removed from a particular part of our body. For example, cutting fat the abdominal not worrying about legs. Well, apparently this is impossible. Although the idea sounds reasonable and logical it is not valid whatsoever. Why am I even talking about it if I have never experienced the myth myself? Well, there are two main reasons to it. First of all, a friend of mine requested to write about weight loss in certain body parts and secondly I’ve noticed that shredding fat of abdominal area is one of the hardest task, in my experience. So, let’s explore!

Why Tennis Players’ Arm Are The Same?

It makes sense when you think that the fat located on the muscle we use burns quicker. All these fancy PTs, TV shows and fitness memes keep telling us about the burning sensation which makes the fat go away.  However I was wondering why tennis players have the same sizes arms if they only using one arm? Maybe they train their other hand before and after competitions? Well, no! Apparently spot reduction or burning fat in certain body parts is a myth. Apparently body fat is one whole substance in the body which gets burn and worn out when the combination of exercising and dieting creates the correct environment for it. Therefore going crazy hard on my abs without eating well and including cardiovascular activities is as pointless as sitting on the couch and watch fitness TV shows hoping to lose weight (giggling).

Image by © Corbis

It changes everything! All these TV shows promising to fix your abs or thighs or legs are big fat lairs and no more than that.  DAH! We all know that but how many of us actually know that spot reduction does not exists?!

On the Side Note: Abdominal Confusion

Sorry guys but the old good “calories consumed vs calories burnt” is what can help you shred fat overall, not off your toes only (giggling). Additionally, while  exploring the topic I bumped into an interesting opinion: “there are NO upper abs or lower abs”. Here comes the difficult part: “The trunk section is composed of the Rectus Abdominus, which is responsible for flexion of the trunk (crunches); the Internal and External Obliques, which assist in lateral flexion (side bends); the Transverse Abdominus, which compresses the abdomen; and the erector Spinae which extend the trunk”. There is more. Apparently lifting legs does not engage abdominal but rather hips. I must say I agree when it comes to vertical leg raise (because I cannot feel a thing when I am doing it) but I cannot agree with “keep in mind that your psoas are directly under the lower portion of your abdomen, which may make you “feel it” in your lower abs, but it is actually your hip flexors.” Food for thought and trigger for a new research…

There Is NO Magic

Before I get sucked into an absolutely different topic, I would like to say it again – exercising and dieting fix it all. If you are burning 300 calories while exercising (whatever type of activity you chose) and than consume 1300 calories, do not expect your fat to go away. It only starts melting when the calorie intake is lower than the burn. I also want to add that many people still find it either stupid or embarrassing, I am not sure, to measure their calorie retention. Ok, you don’t want to write each single meal you had every day, I get it. But how do you know than how many calories you consumed? How do you measure if you lost any fat? Hm, I don’t need to answer that 🙂

Although I also managed to bump into several opinions saying that muscles do not burn fat I strongly disagree with it. At the same time, do not forget that muscles need to be constantly fed and exercised which as a result will also burn calories. I will never stop stressing that calories is your energy. Do not go crazy! I used to consume 1200 calories a day (and still think this is the best amount) while training up to 4 hours a day burning over 2000 calories. I don’t need to explain that I was skinny as but also constantly sick and de-motivated, unhappy as a result. I was a cardio bunny and enjoyed that time; however not many (non-athletic) people can survive such crazy routine 365 days a year. Believe me, if exercising is ALL you do 7 days a week, you might be able to go a little crazy. Many “normal” people like myself have 67434929283847583930 other duties lined up each single day 🙂

Annablogia: Do Your Body Work fun girls

Do Your Body Work

As a result, to shred fat in one certain area, for example, in your problem area you just need to work smart on your entire body. Lowering your body fat percentage will make your abs stand out without even training them much. Each of us and everyone have their muscles under the skin, they are just covered with fat hence we do not see the “being toned” image we all chase.

I am a very busy person but I am also a gym junkie. I am no longer a cardio bunny and would really like to go back to that state. Meanwhile, I attempt long distance running every week, pushing a little harder each time. Many people are different from me. Each single person is different from another one and vise verse. Each of us needs a personalised approach. However we ALL have the same info access, Use it! 🙂 I found some cool exercising videos I think anyone can implement in their busy lives. I used to exercise at home so here are some of my favorite nostalgic moment 🙂

Thigh Exercises For Losing Fat

Legs Workout

Arms Workout

Chest and Back Workout


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