Hateration: The Inspired Story


God does not need a marketing strategy yet he / she has been advertised free and for a charge all over the world for centuries. None of the societies are neutral: some worship God (which ever representation of it) and others deny his / her existence. There is also a “middle class” of people who swings both ways depending on the situation. I call them situational self-beneficial hypocrites. It’s smart to be one!

Annablogia: Hateration - The Inspired Story text message from God

God has been occupying our minds for many years. However there are other, smaller totems which come and go or more like come and keep modifying itself creating more opportunities for businesses and marketers. For example, fitness selfies 🙂

Whatever trend or fad arrives, people always tend to divide into loving and hating the newcomer. Inspired by my  friend’s blog post I’ve been paying an extra attention to things people love and hate (including myself), the time they feel it and the time they display it as well as a switch if it happens.

I have accidentally bumped into  this couple’s blog who cycled from Melbourne to Cairns through Tasmania (as you do lol).  It is a 5,000 km journey and let me remind you that Tasmania is NOT on the way, it is a separate island (which is of course a part of Australia). The guys wrote a book “Changing gears” presumably about their cycling adventure (I have not read it, sorry). It is not the book that caught my attention (however I find it worth mentioning) but the motives behind such seems to be a crazy trip. This line that caught my eye and kept it for the entire day, researching, was: “My day job in advertising was a complete contradiction to my values, and one day the realisation hit me that I couldn’t live this double life any more,” says Greg Foyster. Greg and his wife Sophie went on a journey to simplicity. They wanted to experience and try a different way of living out. I believe that the less we have, generally the less we want / need and less we hate… Well, the guys seem to have a similar point of view they tested on the road.

My friend (I mentioned earlier) once wrote: “When has our society become so nasty? How have girls learned to put down other girls? Is it a recent development? Or is it exclusive to American culture? I must have been living in a bubble all these years because only by starting a blog and encountering these kinds of people that I have become a witness to the horrible way women treat each other.” Today I was going through some newspapers, indulging myself in pleasurable reading, when I stopped at this article called “Meet Georgina McConnell the bodybuilding teen“. It is not the article itself that put me in shock but the comments below – people were going mental at the young girl calling her ugly, destroying her life, taking drugs etc.

How do all these thoughts come together? 

Annablogia: Hateration - The Inspired Story Grumpy Cat meme

Well, this “hateration” my friend described in her blog post (I mentioned above couple of times) is old news, in my opinion; however I have never really thought about it till now, when social media has given voice to everyone, good or bad.

God used to annoy me a lot due to my mother’s stubborn desire to teach me his word; however now when God got his / her own broadband, it often makes me furious when I visit his / her Facebook page. Of course, I am joking! Although I absolutely deny any possibility of God’s existence I have no problem with other people choosing to live in such delusion. Someone needs to be in denial while others are deluded. It is just the way things are 🙂 I hope I do not offend anyone’s belief, it is not my intention (in case you hate me already lol).


I have noticed that people do hate each other a lot and no one talks about it, no one takes it out of the closet. People feel a strong urge to leave a negative comment or mention their negative opinion or attitude often in not even related conversations.

As a result, I decided to watch myself for at least a week or two and notice when and why I get angry and with what. As a result, I noticed that personally, I get a little funny about people choosing to be pretentious and precious. Okay, some people find choosing between Dolce Gabbana and Gucci being the Everest of their lives while others argue till their nose bleeds about which restaurant to go to. Some people can only talk about themselves getting upset if others interrupt or walk away whereas others cannot stop asking way too many personal questions pissing everyone off. Many people dislike me for saying what I think out loud whereas others despise me for not being explicit enough and avoiding conflict. Some people hate my obsession with fitness and find it stupid whereas others simply claim that I damage my health by being healthy. Moreover, others find my desire to exercise to be a part of my selfish nature. There is ALL sort of stuff said and done ….

There is more! Many people cannot stand models and find all kinds of “faults” in them, calling them names. If someone finds models too skinny or with no boobs, an ugly gab between their teeth or with too flat of an ass why do they feel like sharing it? Same often goes for overweight people, fitness freaks, hipsters (who ever they are) etc. I appreciate the freedom of speech many societies are lucky to have; however why to abuse the system.

So here I am commenting on someone I know how silly she is for choosing wealth and fame over down to earth relationships and views. However who am I to tell her or anyone whats best for them? Better step aside if you find someone’s views wrong or different. I have learnt to keep my opinion to myself and keep away from “different” people after my partner told me that his friends do not like my awesomeness (giggling) and openness to things. He was right  by saying that it was my choice to carry on being who I was or start pretending a little when I visited them; but either way I had to be ready to be judged or … hated (which I was).


Annablogia: Hateration - The Inspired Story hatred meme

I’ve learnt that grooming is a communication mean / tool in gorillas communities. Humans do not pick lice from each others heads, they created gossiping in order to build alliances, relationships and societies. Of course it is a lot more complex than that but this is a story for another day. In short, if half of the society cannot stand cyclists on the roads than subsequently there is on average half of our population who are two-wheeling their way through busy motorways. Now, if you cannot stand Justin Bieber and I am having the same feelings towards the singer, we have higher chances of becoming an alliance. Boom – survival is guaranteed! This is how it was million of years ago and very similar today.

I keep bringing God in because religion is one of the biggest occurrences which accumulates most of love and hatred everywhere in the world. Sigmund Freud explains his view on religion as an enemy of society. He believes that humankind has instinctual urges  including incest, cannibalism, and lust for killing that must be restrained to help society function. Freud views human’s nature as an anti-social, rebellious creature with sexual and destructive tendencies. We all know good old Sigmund and his obsession with sexuality. I am personally a big fan of his work; however must admit that the thought of mass hatred deriving from our sexual instincts sounds a little sad, to me. However, no one can argue with chemicals and hormones in our brains 🙂


Bottom line, we love, we hate – this is what humans do! On other hand, hatred makes many people so dirty, dark and tired. Why not to stop it and start creating alliances based on something we love. Oh, hold on, there are such! I just need to stop focusing on hateration [hatred] and notice love ONLY! 🙂 Crazy idea hey?!

Annablogia: Hateration - The Inspired Story focus on love

To be continued…


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