Digging Into Hormones: LUST

If you remember my earlier post “We Are Our Hormones“, you would remember me stating that hormones are our masters and we are their Muppets. I have been studying this subject for a while now, finding more and more curious facts. As I’ve learnt earlier, hormones’ affect on us, humans, is a result of a long evolutionary process. When I say ‘long’ I actually mean LONG. Think of first-people-on-Earth-long-time-ago.

If you remember I’ve mentioned in my earlier post about men’s hormones called testosterone  which makes men stronger and look the way the look, behave the way we know they behave. Well, today I will dig into a little more 🙂

The other day I bumped into a very curious video “The Science of Lust” which basically explains how lust increases sales, triggers creativity, makes women more helpful and men more engaging and often aggressive.

Many women say that men think with their penises. Many men say that women play hard to get too often. Well, evolutionary history shows us that men in fact need to be the way they are in order to conceive an heir and women should have better ‘mental breaks’ in order to avoid ending up pregnant with no husband / provider / hunter. It is basic survival skills both sexes developed over long period of time.

Men do think with their penises (sorry, guys lol) but not directly, everything happens in their brains. Moreover, even if a man is not attracted to a certain woman his ‘lust alert’ is on anyway, according to the research. It has been automated by evolution centuries ago and remains the same now. Many healthy men (if not all) are sexually excited any time they see anything even distantly related or barely resembling sex because this is how they are literally wired in their brains. On other hand, although men are basically horny all the time and would try to approach any women they see, they have developed ‘mental breaks’ women always had. Nowadays, for men to remain in monogamous relationship they have to apply the breaks in order to keep peace. Some men have very loose breaks (that is slow or absent) who end up raping women, cheat on their relationships or become criminal sexual predators most societies made outlaws in their communities.  Of course, this is the worse case scenario.

I must add, it does not mean that women don’t get turned on. In fact, healthy women are affected by lust as much as men however it all happens subconsciously, many women do not realise it is happening. Many women would even say that they don’t watch porn or that it does not excite them sexually. Well, as I said earlier women are wired to hide their sexual arousal in order to not end up being pregnant and alone when originally the chances of survival are lower. In other words, women are horny as often as men but they might not even feel it.  Of course, there are health disorder cases when neither men nor women get sexually aroused often enough if ever but this is a totally different conversation for another day.

I find learning about hormones, our behavior and the correlation between the two absolutely fascinating and will definitely be back with more new findings.



4 thoughts on “Digging Into Hormones: LUST

  1. I understand where you’re coming from and I really liked the post but I’ve got a concern with where you went with your conclusion… You liken a woman’s arousal with that of a man’s when you got into the whole “porn” thing… When it comes to that, men and women are apples and oranges. Men are more visual when it comes to stimulation while women are more emotional. Take the popularity of Breaking Dawn with women as an example. That’s mommy porn on an emotional level – and exactly why it’s so popular with middle-aged women. Those movies were seen by women in roughly a 20-1 ratio (women to men). I know, my buddy Pete and I counted when took our wives. My buddy and I opted to see Immortals by the way. 😉

    The point is, while women can be turned on by porn, it’s rare. Any guy who knows anything about women would skip that and go for the emotional stimulation first.

    • Hey thanks, i enjoyed reding it 🙂 However i must say I wasnt talking about “what” turns women on, was just talking about being “turned on” and tha women are no different from men here. As for the porn, it was an experiment I outlined – they showed porn to women and asked to rate how aroused they felt. Women claimed it did nothing to them. However since they had a device in their vaginas detecting blood flow it showed that women were as aroused as men. Many women SAY it doesnt excite them while their body states the opposite 🙂 Oh and so sorry I didnt understand Breaking Down thing and what happened to your wives sry. Can you expand for me? Personally i had these conversations with women about porn and everyone went “eewewuuu” which i believe is what society orders women to do. Some women dont get turned on at all, some a more male than women (hormones distribution) and personally I love porn and the wierder the better 😀 Im really curious how other people operate here but fir real, not how society dictates tgem to be.

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