Run Yourself Young: A 95 Year Old World Record Sprinter

“I feel like a puppy today” says a 95 year old Ida Keeling, the oldest runner in the USA. She is A World Record Sprinter and an amazing inspiration to all of us.

I have been interested in the correlation between ageing and fitness level since I was a teen when I signed up for martial arts class at the age of 14 or 15 and was told that I was very old to start this sport. Maybe to go professional in certain types of sport you need to be 0 year old (giggling), you don’t need to be too young to stay healthy and active.

In my earlier post ‘Older People Benefit From Resistance Training‘ I have mentioned how it is important to carry on exercising even when you think you are way too old for it. Staying active prolongs life! Why to stop than!?

“Ida’s daughter, Shelley Keeling, who is a lawyer and real estate investor and coaches track and field at a nearby high school, convinced her to go on a “mini-run” when her mother was 67″, reports ABC News. Since then Ida never stopped running!

I started to pay attention to age more and more since I of course age myself too. Although I am only 27 years old (2013) I’ve started thinking of how age will be affecting me with time when I turned 25. I’ve noticed that whatever was easy and fun at 15 is now a lot of effort. Therefore I started to wonder what’s going to happen when I am 55.

My father who is just over 55 has now experienced multiple minor heart attacks. due to smoking, drinking and over-weight according to doctors. Now when he quite it all he still believes that exercising will trigger his heart attacks. My mother is of the same opinion. I am sure their view is based on the doctors advice BUT I cannot believe that exercising can kill. I am not talking about a marathon or heavy lifting competition. If my dad has a heart condition I am sure he can also have specialists supervised, customised fitness program in order to train his heart hence making it stronger and beat for longer. Ida started training in her 60s therefore I am sure it is still not too late for my family to think and re-evaluate their habits and routines.

“My secret is, feel good about yourself [and] have a good attitude about yourself. … Do what you need to do, and not what you want to do, or what you’d like to do,” she said. “Every year I am going to keep doing what I am doing, and when running time comes, if I feel I am ready, I will go at it,” Keeling said. She is hoping to make it till 108 years old which is 4 years more than her own father. I am hoping she can live for even longer!


2 thoughts on “Run Yourself Young: A 95 Year Old World Record Sprinter

  1. You’re right about your dad’s condition. His doctor would tell him to start slow, with walks around the block, and work up to a decent fitness level either running or biking. It’s very likely, and quite common, that he’s using his fear as an excuse to stay on the couch. Sounds like you’ve got it though, and that’s what matters.

    • Hi thanks for sharing. Yeah he just says its too hard, no time or blames his heart condition. Australia changed me, gave me courage and meaning; i really hope it will change him too when he arrives 🙂

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