Riding Your Legs: Sydney Bridge Run Update

A friend of mine is in a nervous anticipation of her first run – The Bridge Run.ย I am also taking part in this event on Sunday, the 22nd of September. I cannot miss out on the opportunity to run over Harbor Bridge! Seriously this bridge is one of the Sydney’s symbols – I cannot NOT to run it ๐Ÿ™‚

Picking up my Bridge Run bib

What’s Your Story?

Blackmores Bridge Run is not my first fun run. However I am sure many people out there are running their first race on Sunday (just like my friend) and many more are still hesitating to join the community. Well, this is why I decided to take couple of minutes of my precious time (of work on other things today) and quickly blog for everyone running for their first time this weekend or still not sure if they should do it at all.

My answer would be very obvious: RUN! If you are hesitating take it as YES. People who don’t like running they know it for sure (even though they tend to change their mind later on in life too).

People come into running from all over the place – runs in the family, trying to lose weight, recovering from an injury, curious etc etc etc. My story involves going crazy on a treadmill in the local gym and noticing aย Tough Mudder poster on the wall in front of me. I never ended up doing it (yet); however got into fun runs somehow.

I used to hate running – it is a long boring and tiring process which brings no fun but sweat, tiredness and annoying slow pedestrians all over the place. Well, you know what, it all changes when you fall in love … with running. I met couple of people who thought they fell in love with running but later on down the track lost their motivation to feed the love. ย I think,ย In order to provoke your motivation, you need to KEEP IT FUN! ๐Ÿ˜€

My car’s stickers ๐Ÿ™‚

Motivate, Hydrate & Train Hard.ย 

I must say that fun runs are one of my biggest motivation sources. If I feel a little lazy, I go and book another run. If I don’t feel lazy, I book one, anyway ๐Ÿ˜› Now, when I’ve done couple of races including two obstacle runs, I started to consider to get into marathons which basically means road running for over 40 km. So I decided to share some useful tips (I found today) for the beginners whether it is a short distance or long distance running.

Side note: I don’t understand miles so I googgled miles-to-kilometers-converter to get an idea what numbers he is talking about. ย If you talk miles you are safe. Otherwise, get your converter too ๐Ÿ™‚ I think this video is good for anyone, not only new marathoners. If a 5 km run is your first run, break your training down into doing 1 km one day, 2 km next day and maybe try 5 km on the weekend. Same goes for whatever your final number is. If I start aiming at least a half marathon (generally, about 21km) I will probably go with 6 km as my starting point, getting into 10 km as soon as I can, increasing it with weeks. By the way, pay attention to the time frame! Do not try to run your first run tomorrow if you have never run before – it might hurt you. I ran my first City2Surf (14 km) after a 3 weeks break from any exercising. Not good. Not good! On other hand, DON’T freak out if you think you are not fit enough – we are programmed to criticize ourselves all the time ๐Ÿ™‚ You never going to be ready enough before you finally do your first race and size your abilities up.

A friend of mine mentioned that he never actually runs a half marathon as a part of his training for a half marathon. It got me thinking… Before I sorted my dodgy knees out, I used to freak out that I couldn’t run the same distance as on the race day while training for the race. And than I ran the entire Cook River Runย (10 km) , fairly slow and going through a lot of knee pain when I realised that training doesn’t need to be as vigorous as the race run itself. On other hand, I started to get REALLY bad stitches recently so not sure if it will affect my run on the day and I am thinking about to start freaking out [giggling].

Before I do start freaking out, I want to share another video with very SIMPLE but also very IMPORTANT, in my opinion, running tips.

This ginger dude summarizes it pretty good. ย I loved his advice so hope you find it useful as well.

Anna’s Training Routine: Highlights.ย 

Prior the Bridge Run this Sunday I have been run training fairly conscious. By ‘conscious’ I mean that I actually put some thought into my running. I don’t usually do it ๐Ÿ™‚ As you probably know, running has never been my priority – I am a gym junkie and proud of it [giggling]. However since I decided to dedicate so much time, money and effort into running all these fun runs, I decided to take my training a little more serious.

A quick leg workout after a 10 km cycle sesh

First of all, not only running itself is the training you need. Running involves stronger legs, stamina, strong core, balance and of course an ability to have fun while running [giggling again]. At the end of the day, just running is boring (well, for me). Since I am a gym junkie I spend most of my (training) time in the gym getting my legs (and all of the rest) pumping, doing small runs in the evenings and attempting long ones on the weekends. THAT much training requires time and dedication. I don’t always have both so as you can imagine I suck sometimes. However, 2-3 weeks prior this Sunday I’ve been GOOD and ran fairly a lot. In addition I cycled as much as I could, paying extra attention to my legs in the gym as well.

My boyfriend’s push bike

Just being silly ๐Ÿ™‚

I must add, my relatively new addiction with cycling deserves a whole separate post which I will definitely get to some time soon but not now. Meanwhile, I want to add that I find cycling really good for my legs’ training as well as the ability to have fun [a lot of giggling].

I also tried to get into swimming but it just did not go well (so far) – too boring, at this stage. Running, on other hand, can be really fun when you are an introvert especially, like me. There is a whole massive world bigger than the Universe spinning around in the introverts heads. Running is the time to sort the thoughts out ๐Ÿ™‚

Bridge Run is a 9 km run which involves crossing the Harbor Bridge over the harbor [DAH!] into the City and Botanical Gardens finishing near the Opera House, another iconic image of Sydney. My last two weeks of training involved up to 6 km runs where I tried my best to keep the pace away from changing too much, also observing and fixing up my breathing. As you see, I have not done a 9 km run in my training.

Apart from all the running, cycling and gyming there are other elements of successful legs’ training: dieting and stretching.

Stretching & goofing around after my cycling sesh

They don’t necessarily go together of course [laughing out loud]. I am new to all this stretching, yoga and similar stuff. I never thought of causing yourself pain by pulling muscles as of something useful. As a newbie I am not fully ‘certified’ in stretching; however I am getting actively interested in it. Although I have previously tried to cover stretching topic, it was more fishing for information rather than sharing it.

Stretching definitely relieves me from stiffness of running, cycling and gyming. I am not a very flexible person therefore stretching doesn’t come easy to me. However I see and feel the need in it therefore try to do it at least once a day. I’ve ย read couple of opinions on that saying that stretching 2 to 3 times a day is what a stiff person needs. I am not sure I have time available for it but I will give it a thought.

Dieting is another important ingredient of any runner. I find this topic a bit daunting and also deserving a separate post. Therefore I think it will be wise for me to leave you here…

Here is my story! Share yours! And good luck to everyone running this weekend ๐Ÿ™‚

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