They Ran The Bridge

I am going pretty smooth. It is hot and the Sun blinds my eyes but my skin is covered in goose pumps and I am feeling a little chilly. It has been downhill for already 4 km so it is going really nice and easy. The view is stunning. My thoughts and breathing are good. I am really enjoying this so far.

The Bridge Run, Sydney Blackmores Running Festival, 2013

Here is an approximate train of thoughts I was following the first part of the race on Sunday (24th of Sep’13) while running over Harbor Bridge, Sydney. Bridge RunΒ was one of those runs I really wanted to do but felt like I didn’t belong Β there. You now what, WHO CARES!?

It took me (I figured) four years to come to this nirvana thought ‘who cares’. And you know what, I DON’T!!! However, apparently there are MANY people who does. There are many people (just like me several months ago) who are very scared to step into the running community and there are people who strongly dislike (a nice version of the real attitude lol) the ones who is like blind puppies trying the running courses out.

Annablogia: They Ran The Bridge my Bridge Run

The Bridge Run, Sydney Blackmores Running Festival, 2013

If you remember my last post, I mentioned a friend of mine who was in a nervous anticipation of the Bridge Run! She was very unsure of her ability to run, the goodness of the idea and sanity of the entire concept. She is in LOVE now, I am telling you! πŸ™‚ This puts a BIG smile on my face! Why so? Well, I am glad you asked (Sheldon style lol).

Annablogia: They Ran The Bridge my Bridge Run, Sydney Blackmores Running Festival, 2013

The Bridge Run, Sydney Blackmores Running Festival, 2013 on the finish line

Running is an excellent means of conditioning the cardiovascular system. It is a highly aerobic activity that utilizes both fatty acids and carbohydrates for energy. The typical runner tends to have a slow resting pulse rate and a high maximal oxygen consumption. Echocardiographic studies show that distance runners have larger, thicker left ventricles than do sedentary controls; their hearts are more efficient than those of sedentary people, pumping a larger volume per beat.Β In other words, of none academic people, running is GOOD for you! Therefore I am very happy to see MANY people, very different people, entering the community.

Annablogia: They Ran The Bridge my Bridge Run map

The Bridge Run map

Bridge Run is a 9km track over the main Sydney bridge, the Harbor Bridge, into the City, down to Woolloomooloo (yep, its a suburb in Sydney) and Domain ending up back in the City next to the one of the biggest Libraries in town. Β It is a picturesque, fun and very social run! Although many people just walked (pushing prams or friends), I am REALLY glad they participated! Getting outdoor, moving, being active and being together is all what matters.

I am not the greatest runner in town but I am getting better. I must admit, it was REALLY crowded on the day, including the situations where it was impossible to run. I walked. For only less than a minute. As soon as I could get through people, I carried on running. I jogged at the end and sprinted to the finish line. I completed over 9 km in 65 minutes.

Some people were faster, some – slower. What amazed me the most though is that people were THAT different but they were doing one same thing – running or attempting to run.

Finish Line Highlights:Β 

Annablogia: They Ran The Bridge my Bridge Run costumes

Its Halloween approaching, isn’t it?! I am sure this costume is really hot to run in but I appreciate the effort πŸ™‚ I myself dressed up for City2Surf couple of months ago and I must say it was MADLY hot. This guy (or a girl) ROCKS!

Dressing up is common for fun runs. Many people do it as a team or couples, others just go with the flow! Here are some pink tutus on the finish line πŸ™‚

Annablogia: They Ran The Bridge my Bridge Run pink tutus

Although I am honestly not the biggest fan of children I love that people get their off-springs into fitness early. I understand that these 2 year olds might not recall the run tomorrow but another 10 years of running with their moms every second weekend; and we might have another Australian Olympic champions.

Annablogia: They Ran The Bridge my Bridge Run prams

Kids aren’t the only ones who made me feel proud. Elderly people were as good as teenagers. I, in fact, saw couple of ladies in their late 60s if not older going slowly but steadily throughout the entire course.

Surprisingly enough, many marathoners were in their 40s and 50s!

Annablogia: They Ran The Bridge my Bridge Run elderly

Many people were madly fit and others not so much. I was happy to see overweight people, trying their best going through the course. Some of them were going much faster than me (and completed before me) and I couldn’t stop admiring trying to match my pace with them. Well, I didn’t but I will definitely try better next time πŸ˜€

Annablogia: They Ran The Bridge my Bridge Run overweight runners

I completed the race and stopped on the finish line for a bit smiling at the runners, waving and occasionally cheering… I felt very proud and happy! I was double or even triple happy with my run too – I am finally freed my life from legs’ pain. Although I was getting tired by the end of the race and felt like my left knee (and it is usually the right one – the trouble one) was playing up a little (it was all in my head) I managed to run the course without any need to stop, slowing down only for a few minutes. I also managed to control my breathing (however I was chatting to my running buddy half the run), maintaining almost the same pace throughout the entire event.

Annablogia: They Ran The Bridge my Bridge Run Anna's Imagine

It Puts a Big Smile on my Face πŸ™‚

As I mentioned earlier, I am genuinely glad that so many people participate in fun runs and marathons. I wish even more started to be a part of it. I don’t want to get smashed and squeezed by too many people running so I guess Sydney needs to think of more and bigger places to run their runs in case more people join the fun πŸ™‚

Talking of more locations, there ARE indeed a lot of many others. There are a lot of many races and marathons especially in NSW. I have done seven runs and two obstacle races so far (Sep 2013), attempting my first trail running next month (Oct 2013). If you are still hesitating to start running or not but the thought of it has crawled into your mind, check the running calendar out and feel free to talk to me whatever questions or hesitations you have.

I also want to mention again that I am working on my new fitness-only related site hopefully launching in November – this is where I am planning to go into all the details, revealing ‘dirty secrets’ or running, cycling, weights lifting and much more. I won’t leave Annablogia (it’s my baby) of course but might slightly change its angle. Stay tuned and stay active, more fun is coming! πŸ˜€


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    • Haha who’s saying that we are weird? I am sure ‘they’ know that ‘we’ don’t bite πŸ˜€ Anywho, I am very happy for real, I loved seeing entire families running, mothers and grannies; and I was dreaming of my families becoming health & fitness friendly one day. Meanwhile, Ill remain a black goose for :p lol

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