Cycling Towards Cancer Cure

I love cycling and although it is often a dangerous road adventure or a draining-ly long trip, most of the time it is fun and challenging. However, there is never enough of challenge, of course! 😀 I’ve just joined Great Cycle Challenge which does not involve any crazy cycling adventures (damn!); however it involves my attempt to raise funds for Children’s Medical Research Institute to continue its work in developing treatments and finding a cure for childhood cancer.

I will be cycling as much as I can throughout October (and September of course too lol), trying to make a minimum of 100 km over the month (starting 1st of October), raising money for kids with cancer. I am starting small hence aiming to collect minimum $100 for sick kids so please feel free to be a part of it and donate, join in and cycle!

cycle page

I will be logging in and updating my cycling info so you keep the track of it and help me stay motivated! 🙂 I’ve also tried to donate myself of course but due to some technical issues, failed. I will be doing it again next week. Please join the challenge, donate and stay fit and healthy.


2 thoughts on “Cycling Towards Cancer Cure

    • Thank you! And yeah its a very hot debate in Sydney – many people are left disabled cycling ;-( some get hit on purpose, some accidentally. Riding pedestrians paths is illegal here yet in my half a year riding experience ive only now stepped on to ‘cars roads’. Very nervous and scared – even my co-workers and friends dislike my cycling hobby because I cycle on the road. I thankfully havnt had any accidents yet but I am drradfully expecting someone to run over me soon ;( I will be posting some debatable videos and cyclists video soon to also get into this safety issue 😉

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