The Ultimate Guide to Cycling And Where I Stand

Since Pinterest is no longer embedding-sharing friendly (and many bloggers are currently complaining to their Help page) but I absolutely had to share this awesome infographic, I can only share the link, sorry guys. The infographic is originally from GreatistΒ so I must share the credit of course πŸ™‚

However, it has now been shared with my PinterestΒ of course as well as here: CLICK ON THE PIC below and it will take you places where the image is better to read πŸ˜€

My $100 k-mart bike is currently broken (same tyre’s issues) hence I’ve been riding my boyfriend’s ‘horse’ which means we cannot cycle together 😦 Very sad! Meanwhile I am SO busy anyway I cannot find extra couple of hours to cycle around. Even sadder! (very sad face, no image provided lol)

While I just cannot steal some time of my busy life schedule for some fun stuff I keep trying to learn more about bikes. I worked out that I need a hybrid (because I am definitely not attempting Iron Man any time soon lol)… this is already something πŸ˜€ BUT I also want a mountain bike in order to open more horizons, or opportunities, in other words.

I have been recently following one of the bloggers who is much more into cycling than I am at this stage. Fair enough! I am only getting into the two-wheeled riding now πŸ™‚ Anywho, I am very jelly about her fitness shedΒ she described and posted pictures of some time ago. She has an entire shed with several push bikes, wind surfs, kayaks and some other stuff I don’t even know! This is so awesome my jaw dropped when I first saw it (giggling).

I was thinking of owning several bikes because I don’t want to stick with road cycling only but I thought it was a crazy idea… He he well some people own 6 bikes (if I am not mistaken) which made me think what a great usage of my garage downstairs πŸ˜€ Meanwhile I cannot afford even one bike… I definitely know what I will buy first as soon as I get into full-time or self – employment πŸ˜›

What push bike do you have?

P.S. don’t forget to donate to my Great Cycle ChallengeΒ to help kids fighting cancer! The challenge starts in 2 days but you are more than welcome to start donating any time πŸ˜€


22 thoughts on “The Ultimate Guide to Cycling And Where I Stand

  1. If you want a hybrid and a mountain bike, I can help save you some money… Get a “hard tail” mountain bike (no rear shock) – one that you can lock out the front shock… Then, you buy a set of road tires for that mountain bike. Voila, you’ve got a hybrid and a mountain bike in one.

    • OMG i need a translator now πŸ˜€ I am sorry mate I am a newbie – I dont even know what all that you just said mean 😦 Shock? And the rest? I cannot put my bike apart and put back together so I dont think just switching tyres will work for me thanks though, great idea if your also a mechanic or a guy πŸ™‚

      • Changing a tire is unbelievably easy (my wife can change one, don’t worry about it). You stated that you think you wanted a hybrid and a mountain bike – the only difference between the two is that the hybrid has thinner wheels – that’s it, so if you put road wheels on a mountain bike, you’ve got, essentially, a hybrid.

        The mountain bikes have a suspension shock on the front fork that absorbs bumps. You can get mountain bikes with a shock on the back but they are typically very expensive and unnecessary at your level. If you ride a bike, eventually you will learn how to change a flat, there’s no chance you won’t have to change a flat… If you can do that, you can change the tires (it’s super easy trust me – especially on a mountain bike).

        Now, don’t be intimidated by the jargon. I know, you’re like, “what the heck is he talking about!” and it’s easy to get freaked out… Just buy a decent entry-level mountain bike – Trek, Specialized, Cannondale, among the decent brands, and just ride it. The language will come to you as you go. If you want some half-way around the world help, just let me know and I’ll offer whatever assistance I can.

      • LOL!!! It’s not very difficult at all… Shift the bike into the smallest gear in the back (lift the wheel off the ground, turn the pedals with one foot while you shift). Place the bike on the handle bars and saddle (upside down), undo the Quick Release lever and loosen it up… Then, standing behind the bike, grab a hold of the rear derailleur at the middle pulley and pull the assembly so it opens up (it’s hard to put into words, but once you do it, you’ll get it) and pull the wheel up, and then away from the chain. It’s a lot easier than it seems. πŸ˜‰

      • Haha does NOT seem simple but ill follow this when buy a new tube – three panctures in 2 weeks ;-( I have to cycle my boyfriends cycle. Ahhrrr do you think by the way that buying a better bike will mean less panctures?

      • Nope. Buying a better tire (tyre) will though. I ride Specialized “Black Belt” protected tires and have never had a puncture.

        Some things to consider – tyre pressure, if you ride below the recommended pressure for the tyre, you’ll be susceptible to flats. Watch what you roll over, steer clear of glass and nasty debris. Finally, stay out of the “gutter” – all of the nasty stuff on a road gets washed close to the curb – the closer you are to the curb, the more nasties you pick up.

        Finally, make sure your rim tape is in good shape – you could be flatting because of a problem with that, or you have something stuck in the tire.

      • Oh and what I struggle with (or my bf is worried about) is that the gear thing on the back wheel… I need to take the back wheel off but none of us know how to put it back so it functions when we finish.

      • Oh thanks! I get flats cuz of holes in the tyre 😦 No glas or anything last time, just a bump and the thing went down, took the tube out – third hole! Hows that even possible!? I try to stay away from gutters but its hard cuz this is where road cyclists place is πŸ˜€ lol

      • You need a maintenance course at a bike shop. This will help you immeasurably. Rim tape goes inside the rim and protects the tube from the spoke ends. πŸ˜‰

      • Oh absolutely they do… Your local bike shop should offer them! Just remember this: bikes are made to be very simple to fix – the tough parts are knowing the steps to do this and knowing the parts.

        Oh, and if you have an iPhone or other smart phone, look this up: Bike Repair App. It has step by step photographic steps on how to fix just about everything!

      • I was a runner and it just lost its mojo… I was on a ten mile training run and passed a garage sale. Guy had a beat up Huffy for $20 and I had him hold it for me till I got done. Within 2 weeks I had a Trek 3700 mountain bike and the rest was history. I’ve been cycling now for a little more than two years and have put in over 11,000 miles. How about you?

      • Hahaha your slang is impressive πŸ˜‰ Ive been and still am a gym junkie. I LOVE bodybuilding however never made it there lol I became a runner because my dr asked me (when I was a teen) to never run (unless i wanna live in a wheel chair) cuz of my dodgy knees but i got into obstalce racing once which led me to long distance running which fixed my knees! I dont know miles but havnt run more than 14km in my life yet πŸ˜€ I am originally Russian where people pick on you if you do sport. Moving to Australia made me hungry to it ALL πŸ™‚ Cycling started as a Sunday treat so my partner and I bought cheap k-mart bikes and I really loved it. Wanna learn more now about everything and get into many other types of activities πŸ™‚

      • THANK YOU for your advice! So what if i mostly ride on the road though? I have hybrid now (they call it road bike however I know its not lol) but want now something to rode off road with. You reckon getting extra tyres (wider) will do?

      • Ah! If you’ve got a shock on the front you might be able to get away with just picking up some more aggressive tires – it really depends on how crazy you plan on getting off road… If you’re planning on riding on gnarly rock and root covered trails and you have the money, get a decent mountain bike (Trek Cali $1,000-$3,000 US or the Skye SL or SL Disc $600-$800 US, both made specifically for women – Or Specialized has an EXCELLENT selection of women’s specific mountain bikes starting at $500 US)… It all depends on what you’ll be using the bike for though. If you’re just going to be riding on groomed trails, I’d opt for an aggressive tire for the hybrid with some decent knobs on it for grip. For rough trails I’d go with a mountain bike.

      • I dont know what shock means, ill have to research and I get back to you πŸ™‚ Currently i have a $100 road bike (hybrid, really) cuz its all I can afford 😦 Therefore I think ill get two bikes around $300 each (hybrid & mountain) when I can affort it :+) I dont know where I am going to ride but there r some cool mountian and bush tracks in NSW (Australia). Have you heard of this couple who cycled (on the road) from Tasmania to QLD through SA and NSW (check Australian map)? I want to do something like that one day but not as crazy and not soon lol

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