A Belly Strap: Wobbly Bodies Prevention

This might seem a little weird but it worked for me so I felt like sharing. I usually wear my runners pouch on a race day as well as when training. It holds my car keys, money and maybe an ID or a credit card (depends on the occasion of running sort of thing). I really love my pouch because last time when I forgot it I lost my car keys and felt deeply sad. Anyway, today it is not about the loss but the found πŸ™‚

I am sure you know how I have been complaining about the stitch I get most of time when I run. I have been researching into this problem since and cannot find a single solution workng for me so far. However I noticed that my runner’s pouch keeps me stitches free most of the time. Bizarre isn’t it πŸ˜€

the puch thing

Well, maybe not! I wear my pouch almost on my heaps, not on my waist (like on the picture). After the run, heaps usually get a little sore because the pouch is sitting very tight. Although it might hurt a little after, it often stops my belly from wobbling all over the place … and causing a stitch. Who could have though! I am being serious – my far from flat belly causes stitches. I’ve notice it only recently and tried to investigate more about it, maybe finding anyone else ever experiencing something similar.

Unfortunately not a single mentioning on the Internet or by any of my running friends… Puzzling hey! One day though I bumped into someone’s cycling blog where the author was mentioned belly straps kinda thing. She was literally strapping her belly when on the push bike trying to hide the after birth little stomach pouch she had. I must add, the girl is skinny like a stick but had a tiny lower belly sticking out which she strapped with some elastic tape, the one I found out athletes use a lot when they have muscles’ or tendons’ issues.

I thought of these two events … Running without my pouch makes my belly sort of jump a little (unless I squeeze these abs really tight lol); however with the pouch (even though on my heaps, not stomach itself) the belly is no longer wobbly. More importantly, no wobble = no stitch. So I was wondering what if I strap my belly fat when I run with a tape?! So I got some surgical elastic tape and strapped myself in πŸ˜€ (like in the song lol).

strap number 1

I ran around my building for a little to see how it feels; however have not gone for a quality run to test the idea out. It might seem to be silly but my fat stomach stays in place with the strap all over it. It might help me with my constant issues with stitches. I will definitely try the idea out on the road and let you know what I think!

Meanwhile, I browsed blogs, sites and forums to try and find what people say about this strapping idea… For some reason, nothing – no one straps there stomachs. I know that runners are generally skinny dudes but I am far from skinny and noticed that weight is an annoying destruction for running.

Of course ‘A Belly Strap: Wobbly Bodies Prevention’ is a joke name and strapping your abdominal fat to your back won’t fix the body fat percentage problem (if you got one) so don’t get me wrong here. I am trying to find stitches cure, trying different, even sometimes weird, approaches out.

I have already tried avoiding drinking too much water, breathing exercises, pace maintenance and all the rest – sometimes its helping but most of the time not. Squeezing abs while running most of the time works.

Moreover, I used to run using my core a lot adding arms and shoulders. I still do however I try to twist my core less. I’ve noticed that twisting it while running also causes some Β uncomfortable pain the wobbly belly area (giggling).

As I mentioned before, athletes and other fitness enthusiasts often apply tape to their body parts when tear or over-stretch tendons or muscles. Luckily, I’ve never experienced anything like that (I think) therefore never had to strap anything. However while researching the belly straping idea, I found this video here:

Apparently you can get your abdominal muscles tear! I don’t want to offence anyone but I laughed when first saw this. I am sorry folks, I have never heard of people damaging their abs. Anywho, if you have over exercised your stomach, please strap yourself in too πŸ˜€

And please if you use a belly tape (or a strap) or know someone who is applying such, feel free to share your experience and opinion on it. If you also know some ‘magical’ stitches cures, I would love to hear them, please share! Enjoy your Monday and stay pain fee!Β 


6 thoughts on “A Belly Strap: Wobbly Bodies Prevention

  1. Yes! My blog is inspiring others! Ha! Side stitches? I’ve read that focusing on breathing out a bit more than breathing in helps. When you exhale, you tend to contract your abs, too, so maybe this is a legitimate solution.

    • It does inspire otherwise I wouldnt hit the “follow” button πŸ˜€ What is your name btw? OutsidKMA doesn’t really tell me much 😦 And hey thanks for tips, I do concentrate on breathing a lot since stitches is my MASSIVE problem at the moment…

      • Kristin Apotsos. Yes, get rid of those side stitches. LONG time ago I read John Douillard’s book: Body, Mind, and Sport: The Mind-Body Guide to Lifelong Health, Fitness, and Your Personal Best. It talked about “Darth Vadar breathing” which oddly, helped at the time.

  2. Kristin, thank you I will have a look into it. Meanwhile nothing really works well apart from the pouch (as described in the post) which I find really weird πŸ˜€ Moreover, as I say I think I twist my core way too much when run. Oi, almost forgot I mostly get side stitches only when training, during the race its all gone. I think its all in my head really πŸ™‚

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