Let The Great Cycle Challenge Begin

Here it comes: 1st of October and the beginning of Great Cycle Challenge.

I have already done my first peddling this month … However I must admit I cheated! Yep, I did! Let me explain before you go ‘BOOOO’! 😀


I’ve not been myself recently: either a spring syndrome (I think its called vitamins deprivation or something lol) or the amount of personal stress in my life… I am not entirely sure but I just had to go for a clearing up head session so I cycled on the 30th of September – the day before the Challenge starts. BUT I am going to count it as for today BECAUSE Monday & Sunday are the days when I usually cycle but my bike has been ‘sick’ for a while and I was way too busy… Anyway, excuses are excuses but I just had to go for a ride yesterday and so I did!

*Before updating the info in the Challenge app I measure my ride using Strava Cycling app and, as per usual, it does not have Australian time set up therefore when I finished the ride it showed ’11 hours ago’ straight away which is a big fat lie so ignore it 😀


Since I live in the deep inner west which is considered to be relatively close to the City but not as close as a 5 minute drive so sort of far but not too bad so you cab get a cab at night and still have some spare cash in the wallet left (if don’t get mugged lol). This is where I live at the moment which is my 11th home in Sydney! I’ve lived in some weird places, extravagant suburbs and complete shit holes. Each of the suburbs has its own character and a feel to it, a lot to explore and cycle around. BUT I only got into cycling now hence exploring where I live now. I am lucky enough to have a river, several parks and many cycling pathways near by. I hope I don’t sound too old but I love parks – this is where I run, cycle, stretch and ‘meditate’ (not for real though lol). 

Canterbury Sugarworks 1840-42, Cooks River Cycle Path, near Church Street, Canterbury, NSW, Australia

Today was a VERY hot day which was incredibly pleasant but also way too sweaty also making it hard to breath. Therefore the ride was for pleasure not numbers or lack of time and an urgent need to get somewhere in time. As a result I decided to take some pictures along the way. Here I found a sugar work house built for the Australian Sugar Company as a sugar refinery, 1840-1842. Local sandstone and ironbark timber was used, and Cooks River was dammed to provide fresh water for boilers. Raw sugar was imported from overseas and brought by cart from Sydney to Canterbury for processing into white sugar and molasses. Though extremely efficient, the Sugar Works closed in 1854 in a labour shortage caused by the goldrush. The building was renovated in 1885 by Blacket & Co. as a heavy engineering factory, but this failed within five years. It was used as a bacon factory by Denham’s from 1899 to 1906, then from 1908 to 1982 by J C Hutton Pty Ltd. It was purchased by Nick Scali Furniture in 1983.

Australian fresh air gyms

Australians love their fitness and outdoor lifestyle. This is why so many outdoor gyms are in the parks and near the beaches all over Sydney. Although I have never seen a treadmill in the bushes, I often see the smaller resembles of gym equipment along many coastal routes, on main beaches and in most of the park in Sydney. I really love the idea; however never tried these gyms myself. Well, let’s be honest, I cannot push up 😀 Surprisingly, I saw one of those gym in Russia too… however wondered what happens to it when it snows constantly during the -30 degrees winters (giggling loud).

Canterbury Aquatic and fitness center

I lived in many different areas in Sydney and used to go swimming to rock pools, indoor pool and outdoor ones. I was always hoping to get into swimming one day! If I can run, cycle and swim I might even become an IronMan one day, who knows 😀 However swimming is SO boring (for now) that I decided to stay away from it till I find the way to enjoy it more. Well, today I bumped into a Canterbury Olympic Ice Ring and Canterbury Aquatic and Fitness Centre which made me start thinking about trying swimming out again… Hmm not sure yet! What you think?

I cycled along the river through one suburb to another enjoying the Sun and the beautiful day! I love staring at the houses along the way, admiring how many people able to purchase or build such masterpieces. As I was drifting away in my thoughts I almost fell over couple of times (told you I am not myself recently lol) so I only made a little over 10km today and hoping to add minimum another 10 at the end of the week.

Oi, almost forgot, after realising I am absolutely useless when it comes to fixing / maintaining / repairing push bikes, I had to especially annoy my boyfriend begging to teach me how to deal with boys related situations when I am in the middle of nowhere with a flat tyre, no phone reception, water or food (okay, water and food was a joke lol). Hopefully I will be receiving my DIY ‘mechanics’ and repair classes very soon!!! Exciting!!!! If I manage to keep all my nails in place, I might think of getting extra wheels for my cheapie in order to be able to modify it from road / hybrid to a mountain beast 😀 (thank you for the advice, man!).

Meanwhile, I am trying my best to do minimum 100km this month (since I don’t cycle often, unfortunately) and YOU need to visit my page and donate whatever you can / want donate! Why? Well, let me explain it to you again 😀 

I am riding in the Great Cycle Challenge this October to fight kids’ cancer!

Why am I doing this? To raise funds for children affected by cancer and their families. Right now, cancer is the largest killer of children from disease in Australia and 3 children die from cancer every week.

The funds I raise will support Children’s Medical Research Institute to continue its work in developing treatments and finding a cure for childhood cancer.

I would really appreciate your support and it will keep me pedalling throughout the month.

Please sponsor my challenge to fight kids’ cancer by making a donation through my fundraising page – simply click the ‘sponsor me’ button above.

Thank you for your support.


2 thoughts on “Let The Great Cycle Challenge Begin

    • He he I definitely will, I find it a lot of fun BUT I keep running out of riding routes ideas 😦 The initial plan was to squeeze my cheapie to my other cheapie (my car lol) and go for a riding holidays. However has never happened since … yet… Sinc you told me about the switching wheels idea I am not much more enthusiastic about he travelling with the bike idea, already collecting potential routes 😀

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