War Against Bored: Top Ten Strategic Tips

Getting bored at work? You are not the first one and you aren’t the last one to sit there behind your desk and count the minutes before it’s all over. Remember how we all used to do it in school? Oh sweet end of the day bell 😀

Nowadays, people are either overly busy or shit bored OR both. How can it be possible? We are a very talented generation, I must say 😀

So what do you do if you were sweating your bottom off writing these reports, finishing a clients campaign or organising your bosses day and procrastinated boring tasks for weeks now, spitting in the ceiling now? Well, first I REALLY hope you have never had a boring job in your life (giggling); however I believe it is almost impossible; otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this. Well, I am also bored 😀

So, before you get bored reading this post, I will outline some I find useful tips to stay awake at work. Please, dig in:

  1. MAKE A LIST! Planning makes it busier and easier to handle tasks. If you have a clear and written down in front of you list of things to do, you will be busy accomplishing and ticking them off missing out on getting bored. Try it out!
  2. FIND A CHALLENGE ... if it is in your authority (not always a case)! Many people get bored because they are not challenged. It is so common I didn’t even want to mention it assuming we all know that. But than you cannot take something out just because you think it is a priori knowledge, right. Boredom kills creativity! You are better of starting a new challenge as soon as accomplish the previous one before your boredom steps in. However if you cannot make your work more challenging just yet, maybe get into a challenging argument with your boss (just kidding…. or am I?) 😀
  3. GET A HOBBY! When / if your work bores the shit out of you you can steal couple of minutes of it’s ‘precious’ time planning your after work tennis game or reading football news or … whatever rocks your boat, really! Get a hobby, in other words, and get committed to it – it keeps you busy.
  4. PLAY GAMES! If you are lucky to have a fun creative work environment but still got bored today, play a game, make an office collage or volunteer to organise an event.  Games are not just childish waste of time but an inspiring and teaching tool – you just need to apply it right. Do not turn it into Hunger Games though, keep it friendly and useful 😀
  5. STUDY / IMPROVE YOUR SKILLS! I use that a lot, I must admit. When working days become daunting, I switch from it to reading about news updates in the industry or outside of it. Performing one same task for a long period of time often decreases performance so stop it and do something else for a little. No wonder, Google applies 20% personal time at work – this is when you stop working like a horse and start … creating, usually 🙂
  6. EXERCISE! Okay, this might sounds odd to many, for some weird reason. When I get to work at home and still get bored (even with my favourite work) I go for a run. While many people find me a weird or crazy exercise freak… I know that I am improving my health AND my performance by taking short (or sometimes longer) breaks to run, cycle or simply stretch on my floor! Again, switching your attention improves your mood and destroys boredom. Even if you switch your attention to make your kids lunch or read a book or watch a TV show (however, we know how that can be dangerous hey) or give your partner / friend a hug, you improve your performance. Exercising though works better so go and sweat for a little! 😀
  7. GET AWAY! Sometimes you just need to take a break and maybe spend a day or two with your parents in the country. In my situation (when my parents are 24 hours on the plane away) going away means a hiking weekend or visiting someone else’s parents in the country or going to the ocean, mountains, booking a motel in the desert… Whatever this beautiful country has to offer 🙂
  8. TAKE A NAP! Apparently works for some! 😀
  9. WRITE A BLOG POST just like I am doing right now (giggling silently). Oh, and updating Facebook status no longer work, I think, for most people. It is way to instant and meaningless … Writing a blog post forces your brain to work even harder but in a slighlty different direction which as we know now, is good for you (see point 6).
  10. FIND A NEW JOB! 😀 Sometimes your bored because whatever you are doing is just not for you 😀

Annablogia: At war With Boredom

What do YOU do when / if get bored at work?


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