So I Got The Ball

Annablogia: So I Got The Ball

Not any ball but a gym ball. It got delivered to my doors couple of weeks ago and I could not stop playing with it since. I have never had this sort of ball and don’t play with it in the gym but I felt like I would find a use for it at home 🙂

“There is little, if any, evidence of scientific trials or studies to demonstrate that the effect fitness balls have in exercise and training makes them suitable for use on a daily basis as a seat at work” they say in Victoria (southern state of Australia). Well, despite the amount of information (it is zero by the way lol) I found about fitness balls I decided to use it as my chair at home for when I work or study.

Suitable or not suitable, it’s awesome … as a work chair as well. Just as I thought it makes you sit straight, move around a lot or get up from time to time which is really good because when I sit down to do my blogging or studying or working at home, hours will pass and I won’t notice. The ball, whatever they call it, makes me remember that I am still sitting forcing me to get up. Moreover, holding my balance isn’t easy I must say forcing my muscles  to work even when I am sitting.

Why do they say it isn’t suitable to use as a work chair?  Because there is a large number of hazards associated with the ball:

  • High concentration levels and fatigue from sustained exercising.
  • The initial upright posture is likely to be lost over a long period of sitting because there is not full seat and back support
  • Upright postures are not able to be maintained during tasks requiring any reaching or moving around.
  • Employees cannot swivel or navigate around the workstation.
  • Getting on and off or reaching from the ball may constitute a falling hazard.
  • The sitting surface does not provide adequate support for the buttocks and thighs.

I agree that back doesn’t have this extra support on the ball hence you cannot sit there for 8 hours straight without getting up. I guess this is the benefit, as I see it BUT many find it inconvenient because the lower back starting to hurt. Guys, it starting to hurt on a normal chair too. It hurts because you are sitting for 8 hours, not because you are sitting on a ball.

Although The Treadputer sounds event batter, I am not sure I can walk / cycle / run AND focus at the same time. I cannot even run on a treadmill and watch TV in the gym like many other people do. So I decided to go with the ball 🙂 When I am not using it as a chair I play around trying to sit on it, stand on it or roll over without falling over. It is unbelievable what you find exciting as you get older! 😀


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