Are You Trying to Lose Weight or Gain Muscles?

Losing weight or growing muscles … it all comes down to your will power, patience and effort you are willing to put in. Sorry guys NO magic or secrets! It is THAT easy! However it is very hard, I know! Many of us want to use very little effort and receive awesome results. Hmm, it has been proven over years by generations of people – it is not working, sorry. And it’s just the same for everything and everyone. EVEN if you know someone who you think gets everything easy. Believe me I know many people like that too. Their secret is ATTITUDE. They also work hard on something they really want … the rest comes in their hands with seems to be little effort because they don’t care whereas for you it might mean a lot.

I am not perfect, I don’t have iron abs, I don’t eat clean, I don’t spent 4 hours at the gym or 2 hours running every day (although I do train twice a week 6-7 days most of my time), I cheat (food wise of course lol) here and there, I love carbs (although keep working on self-deception which I will write about in my separate post), I don’t like meat (used to be a vegetarian), I hate cooking and often whine that I don’t have time to complete everything and engage in everything I want… We all do all of that from time to time! It’s fine! However I have a dream and just like they say in this new anti-smoking add Don’t Stop Quitting or in our case, Trying! As long as you are DOING (trying or whatever) you are still moving, when you stop you stop – no more progress = results, at all.

I bumped into a gorgeous Heidi Powellย who is, I think, becoming my new inspiration (Jamie Eason, don’t worry, you are my always number one lol). Now, I don’t have kids and honestly have no idea HOW people find all the will and power to exercise when have children. I am sorry I am really not a fan of children… so cannot even imagine my life with them (okay, I can imagine but it looks like a nightmare sorry lol). I am truly impressed by Fit Mothers who carry on being fit and healthy while pregnant and after giving birth. Heidi is pregnant with her 4th (!) child right now! WOW!!! And she is absolutely stunning! ๐Ÿ˜€ However her beloved one is also a ‘fitness freak’ (covering this topic in a separate post) which is highly beneficial when you are on the way of healthier living!ย 

So what am I on about today? I read about fitness reasonably a lot but find most of the stuff boring or useless. Again, I am aware there are no secrets in fitness, it’s just that I like a more human approach, I guess. I am tired of ‘best techniques’ or ‘how tos’ etc which are filled with terminology I don’t even understand. Stop being fancy guys! I will try too ๐Ÿ˜€

Therefore I really want to share Heidi’s video on how to lose a pregnancy pooch! No fancy words or special ingredients – just bold truth! Again, I have never been pregnant but I struggle with my pooch a LOT!!! I am 100% aware that I am eating wrong hence still look like I am having my 3rd month of pregnancy happening ๐Ÿ˜€ I am aware of it and I know exactly what to do to ย fix it. However, this is where my will power as well as occasional loss of motivation betray me! Let’s work on it together, guys!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

They say if you are not doing it well enough you don’t want it bad enough – I’ve noticed that some days I want it harder than other days ๐Ÿ˜€



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